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Vacuuming a hardwood floor is a great way to keep your floors clean without using potentially harmful chemicals. We’ve put together some reviews of the best vacuum for hardwood floors so you’ll be informed of the features and benefits to look for when you decide on a unit.

The most important, is not to go out and buy any vacuum, be sure that your hardwood floor vacuum has proper padding on the head to ensure you don’t scratch the surface of the floor. In addition to this, we’ve compared many technical details such as the capacity, weight, and power and have organized it in a comparison chart so you can visually see how the designs stack up against each other.

So no matter the style of your floor, you are sure to find the best vacuum for hardwood floors in the list below. So let’s dive in and see what the market has to offer.

The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors: Which Model To Buy?

  • Stick vacuum for hardwood floors. These perfectly suit all apartments and possess strong suction power. These ones are also easy in use as a user doesn’t need to carry the canister with him. Cleaners of this type have a stick design, and the system consists of the filter, engine and dust bag which are linked together.
  • Vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet. These models are able to collect dirt and dust everywhere. You can use it as for vinyl surfaces as for carpets. All devices have a special tool which allows easy mode changing. You can also find the one which has an additional brush for carpets.
  • Vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors. If you have a pet, this one is for you. Such models also have a strong suction power which collects the smallest particles. These ones have a special filter to prevent allergies. They don’t let the dust and hair out and leave the air safe and fresh.
  • Small vacuum for hardwood floors. These ones are the best assistants in the small flat household. These cleaners are portable, lightweight and don’t require a lot of efforts to be used. However, the majority of cannot show off the strong
  • Cordless vacuum for hardwood floors. If you wish to try something new, this is the best option. The specific battery which is built in these ones ensures safe and effortless cleaning. You don’t have to carry the wires with you. Manufacturers supply their clients with a charger which comes with the device. If a battery gets off, you use this tool and continue tidying.
  • Hardwood floor cleaning machine. It is specially designed for delicate hardwood The device leaves no scratches on surfaces and gently washes them. However, there are ones which don’t have this function.

To Which Features You Should Pay Attention


  • Weight. If you wish to make tidying not only pleasant but safe, you should concentrate on these criteria. The device should be lightweight and easy in store. If you choose the hard one, you can injure your back.
  • Length of Hose. If you have a big home, you need the machine with the long one. As you spend a lot of time tidying a house, you must have the hose which allows doing it in a comfortable position. Therefore, buy the one which allows getting into furthest reaches of the flat.
  • An Included Stair Tool. Owners of houses should pay attention to the presence of this feature. If a device has a stair tool, you can tidy them without carrying the whole device with you. This one is also used to clean a car or another limited space.
  • The Vacuum’s Power. The strong suction power ensures collecting of the dirt into the bag. To get rid of it you should choose the vacuum with a fast and powerful engine.
  • Warranty. As a smart user, check the presence of warranty. It can save your appliance from the breakdown and a wallet from the unexpected loss.
  • Best Features. Each one has its individual list of characteristics. If you wish to get something special, concentrate on this option. If you need, you can buy the one which is able to wash the floor, anti-allergic or the one with HEPA filter.

Vacuum For Hardwood Floors And Carpet

This kind of devices correctly deals with dirt on any surfaces. Shark NV356E is the best choice for people who have hardwood surfaces. Giving credits to the brush with two options you will never leave scratches on them. It picks up debris from any surfaces you have, and bare floors are not an exception. You get two washable pads which come with the device and ensure total cleaning.

This best vacuum for hardwood and carpet can handle any type of work you require him to do. It gently cleans lignite floors and serves for an extended period of time. This one is a 2-in-1 model.

You can use as a classic mode as a portable one which is best for stairs and cars. As it is a cordless one, you are limited in time using it. By and large, its battery is powerful enough, and consumer reports prove that it serves as long as possible.


  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Equipped with two washable brushes which perfectly clean any types of surfaces
  • HEPA filter
  • Nozzles for different surfaces


  • Quite expensive

If you are able to overlook the price, this one will perfectly complement your household. You cannot find the vacuum which will be better for cleaning lignite surfaces.

Best Stick Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Dirt Devil is a tool which is easy in use and cleans rooms of all sizes. It is extremely lightweight, and this feature will not let you overexert. This device is an indispensable assistant in cleaning. It is specially designed for hardwood floors and leaves no scratches.

Dirt Devil SD200000RED is perfect for rooms of any sizes. This best cordless stick vacuum for hardwood floors has a filtration system which deals with the dirt and doesn’t let it back to the room. The manufacturer offers you a tool which allows getting into the difficult places. They give you the ability to a hand mode also.


  • Reasonable price
  • Cordless stick vacuum is effortless to use
  • Strong suction power
  • Giving credits to the built-in tool, it easily cleans the tight spaces
  • Equipped with 16 meters cable


  • Takes a lot of space

As a summary, if you decide to buy this one, be ready to get exactly what you will pay for. It is nice to make some local cleaning of a small mess. But a tough job over all huge dwelling must be reserved for a inexpensive heavy duty vacuum. After all, remember, you have happened to eat a pizza more expensive than this pretty decent lightweight vacuum for carpet under 100!

Best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors

This one is perfect for those who have pets. The device is able to be used for carpets, vinyl, and hardwood floors. With the help of strong suction power, the vacuum leaves no pet hair and dust on the surface. This stuff is lightweight and easy to handle.

It has a V-shaped brush which makes cleaning easier. The brush tidies the most hard-to-get-to places as it directs all dirt to the center leaving no debris on the floor.

Best hardwood floor vacuum for pet hair captures the smallest particles even in the tight places. It can easily maneuver around furniture and stairs. Its cup requires no efforts to be removed and cleaned. Giving credits to a bagless design, the collected dirt will never lap back into the floor. To improve the usage of the best small vacuum, you can buy additional filters also.


  • Specially designed for hardwood
  • Gets into the most difficult places
  • Catches pet hair
  • Lightweight


  • Not a cordless design

Although cons are a bit numerous against pros, Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor 81L2A vacuum has an excellent suction power and great reliability to do all the chores in your home. That is actually what we may be sure about.

Best Cordless Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

If you don’t like the wires which you have to carry with you using machines, this one is for you. The cordless vacuum for hardwood ensures fast and effective cleaning which will impress any person. It catches the smallest particles and pet hair on any surfaces. This vacuum will perfectly do his job on carpets, vinyl and hardwood surfaces.

The fully charged battery ensures effortless cleaning. Its usage depends on the size of a room and frequency of tidying. The canister of the appliance is not a hard thing to clean. It collects all dirt that you get off the floor. The best cordless hardwood floor vacuum is lightweight and user-friendly. You will be impressed by its characteristics and abilities.


  • Cordless design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Light weight
  • The battery is easy to charge


  • Quite expensive

Giving credits to the battery, you receive effortless and fast in usage tool. Its abilities give dirt no chances to survive. You will be able to get into the most difficult places and collect all pet hair and dust.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine

This device can impress anyone with its features. This is designed for hardwood and ensures safe cleaning. All possible functions are included in this device. The user is able to mop, dry and sweep any surfaces it is able to find. These options help your floor shine and look beautiful. You cannot tell cleaning with Hoover FH40160PC from a professional one.

With its innovative brushes, you are able to collect even the smallest particles from the vinyl, hardwood floors and carpets also. This best hardwood floor cleaner machine is extremely lightweight which ensures effortless displacement. When you carry this one, you don’t overexert. The manufacturer has done his best to make it user-friendly.


  • Lightweight and easy in carrying
  • You are able to use as wash as dry mode
  • Keeps dirty and clean water separately


  • Not a cordless design

Other hardwood floor cleaning machines vacuums cannot compete with this one. Using it, you will be able to wash your floor. With special brushes, you can bid farewell to rags and buckets.

Small Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

With this one, you receive professional and effortless in use tool which is designed for lignite surfaces. It protects them and has a strong suction power. This small vacuum for carpet and hardwood floors collects all pet hair and dust. Rubberized wheels make no noise and never scratch the floor.

The best small vacuum possesses the fingertip which allows a person to control the power of the device to keep surfaces safe. You will not hurt delicate ones using this one.

Because of its weight, it is easy for a person to maneuver and handle the device. You can collect the dirt from the hard-to-reach places. It is easier to tidy on the stairs with this appliance as it is small and portable.


  • Lightweight
  • Fingertip which allows regulating the suction power
  • 1-year warranty
  • The ability to collect dirt from delicate surfaces


  • Not a cordless design

Bissell Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum 1161 is a versatile tool to clean several floor types effectively. It is gentle for delicate surfaces but powerful enough to be used even on long-pile carpets.

Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Choosing best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors with pets you should also focus on reviews. If you hesitate which one to choose, search for the report of a user which has already bought the device.

Vacuums for hardwood floors have a lot of options to impress you. There are even ones which can wash the surfaces. You can read consumer reports on them. By and large, any human must choose the appliance accordingly to personal requirements. Reviews should play only a subsidiary role.

By and large, any consumer should search the device which satisfies his needs. The appliance has to possess the strong suction power and mustn’t scratch the hardwood floor. There are lots of products which can satisfy even the pickiest person.


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