The Best Canister Vacuum: 2019 Review

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The best canister vacuum has some advantages over other designs. First, because the motor is separate from the head, it is easier to get to hard to reach places under furniture and around obstacles. Another advantage is the hose detaches from the unit which makes for easy cleaning in the event of a clog. With these advantages in mind, selecting the best canister vacuum may be an option for you.

Before making a decision there are a few considerations we’ve included for the best canister vacuum reviews. All the products we’ve reviewed feature wheels to assist as you make your way through the house but the weight of the unit is still important, especially if you have stairs or a lot of square footage to cover. With that in mind, hose length is another important feature. If you have stairs you’ll want a hose long enough to cover the stairs with the vacuum remaining on a level surface but not so long it gets in the way. If you follow our advice you are sure to get the best canister vacuum for your needs.

How To Choose The Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner

There are many models of canister vacuum cleaners. But before choosing the device, you should decide which type of canvacuum suits you best. Each of types varies in different cleaning functions. Get acquainted with those main five types of vacuums:

  1. Its weight: keep in mind that this is an object you carry around the house. That means you’ll be moving your arms back and forth and you’ll also probably be lifting the device to take it upstairs if you live in a two-story place. That sure sounds like a lot of work. This is enough reason for you to look for the best vacuum cleaner that doesn’t weigh as much.
  2. The length of the hose: if the hose is long enough, it’ll be easier for you to move around the house without having to unplug the device constantly. Trust us, it’ll save you lots of time.
  3. If it includes additional instruments: some models come with an extra set of tools that are specially designed to clean difficult surfaces and spaces, like corners, for instance. If your product includes them, it’s better.
  4. Whether it has a warranty or not: remember that anything can happen to your product; it may stop working, break, or even come with several flaws. Warranties will help you get a new product for free, during a certain amount of time.
  5. It’s power: if you want an easier, faster cleaning process, buy a device with a high power level.

Best Overall

With features that make it one of the best canister vacuum for carpet and hard floor, the Pet PowerMate employs two motors, which can offer powerful suction no matter where you are cleaning. There are multiple layers of air cleaning used which include HEPA filtration bags as well as exhaust filters. To be considered as a best canister vacuum candidate a device needs to perform and this might be your best Kenmore canister vacuum when it comes to removing stubborn debris and hair. 

It includes a 10.5-foot reach with the Pop-n-Go extension for overhead operation with a fairly light handle assembly. Power Flow technology aids in grabbing particles while the automatic cord rewind makes storing after you are done easy.


  • Powerful 2-Motor system
  • Telescoping Wand provides extended reach
  • Floor brush does not require tool change out


  • Replacement bags and filters are proprietary
  • Extension lock handle is plastic

Should your needs not be met by this motorized pet hair brush you might like this: 

Similar model – Kenmore (22614) Bagless Canister Lightweight Vacuum

Best After Our Top Pick

A 1200-watt motor makes this possibly one of the best vacuum with attachments. Power like that needs to provide users with an ability to adjust, and this unit provides you with variable controls with six-speed settings. Our choice as best canister vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet is also based on the high maneuvering ability Miele C2 provides. 

Parquet Twister XL Floor Brush supplies access under baseboards, which can be difficult to access with other top canister vacuum designs. Their Canister vacuum with HEPA filter layout is incorporated in its Sealed System Construction (SSC) and will generate clean air with use. You will also be alerted when it’s time to change the bag!


  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Miele C2 has an average 20-year life expectancy
  • It includes three attachments


  • This rug and floor tool has the highest price point on this list

Miele canister vacuum also come in other models that might interest you: 

Similar models

Miele Pure Suction 
Miele Turbo Team 
Miele Electro+

Best Budget Option

Cyclonic technology is used by Bissell in Zing’s design and provides great suction power for your dollar. That alone makes this unit one of the best inexpensive canister vacuum models in the industry. Construction components are made from durable plastics which make this lightweight and maneuverable. Switching from carpet to something like hardwood floors has been made easy through a flick of the switch. 

An air flow regulator helps to keep this operating proficiently and the dirt is collected into a cup that can be emptied without a lot of work. Weighing under eight pounds, Zing is easy to move between locations with its integrated handle. Storage, when finished, is also easy with the 15-foot retractable power cord.


  • Bissell canister vacuum has a compact body and canister profile
  • Canister bagless vacuum eliminates the need to change out components
  • Low price point means this is one of the best cheap canister vacuum options


  • Reusable filters are not very durable
  • A top-heavy design can be prone to tipping unless caution is used

Best Canister Vacuum For Pet Hair

Dyson’s canister vacuum with powerhead has been built with features to make it one of the best canister vacuum for carpet and pet hair. Cinetic Tips capture dust and pet dandruff so there won’t be bags to change out. For dog hair and other materials that tangle, its brushes are designed to prevent wrapping that often requires constant removal. Another best canister vacuum for pets feature is the dumping mechanism that cleans out the chamber without extra work. 

Another stand-out feature with Dyson Cinetic Big Ball is its self-righting feature, which will stand itself upright should the vacuum tip over while you are operating it. Both handle and wand are articulated, providing you with a 360-degree movement for operational control.


  • Dyson bagless Technology is simple to operate
  • Carbon fiber turbine floor tool picks up fine dust on hard surfaces
  • Rotating heads on brushes won't tangle during use


  • Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal shape makes components proprietary
  • Carbon fiber turbine floor tool may clog more quickly

Best Lightweight Canister Vacuum

This portable canister vacuum cleaner is offered by Eureka for quick and easy cleaning. The compact canister vacuum is light in weight and includes an ergonomic carrying handle. That will allow you to move the vacuum anywhere inside or outside of your home. Its 10-amp motor provides plenty of suction power that should not lessen when switching surfaces while cleaning. 

A Power Touch handle offers fingertip control during operation, a feature that makes it easy to use. Automatic shut-off prevents overheating so that you can safely use it without burning out the motor. 20-foot long cord extends your access area while the pole extension provides compact canister vacuum convenience to overhead areas along ceilings, drapes and upper wall surfaces.


  • This product is a lightweight canister vacuum design
  • Small profile is ideal for automobile cleaning as well
  • Dust bag provides fast dumping of debris


  • Eureka Mighty Mite corded canister vacuum attachment points can work loose during operation
  • Small canister vacuum front wheels cut down on movement across thicker carpets

Best Bagless Canister Vacuum

BISSELL Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic comes in as best rated bagless canister vacuum according to customer feedback. This lightweight bagless canister vacuum uses a 9.2-amp motor to provide power and has a cleaning path of 11-inches. A solid handle at the top of the wand provides your hand with plenty of grip and control when used. 

There is a bottom opening dirt tank that helps to cut down on the mess when you empty it. Finally, its cleaning head swivels for better surface contact.


  • Hard floor turbine foot is soft on surfaces
  • Dirt cup holds nearly 68-ounces of debris
  • Rotating clear window provides view into chamber


  • Its bagless canister vacuum with powerhead design sits at an angle
  • Wheelbase is a bit wide and can limit access to tight spaces

Is this bagless canister vacuum cleaner not exactly what you need? Perhaps these will meet your criteria: 

Similar models

Best for hard floors – Bissell Deluxe Canister Vacuum 
Best budget option – Dirt Devil EZ Lite

Best Bagged Canister Vacuum

Bissell’s canister vacuum with retractable cord is a lightweight and affordable alternative. That doesn’t mean it lacks power with its 10-amp brushless electric motor. Extended reach is provided with a telescopic wand handle and you can switch between hard surfaces to carpet with its button controls. Bissell includes a full-bag indicator to help make this one of the best canister bagged vacuum cleaner designs for your money.


  • Moves between cleaning surfaces with a flick of a button
  • It uses a push button for automatic power cord recoil
  • Product comes at a reasonable price point for customers


  • A top-heavy build will cause this bagged canister vacuum to tip over during operation
  • Telescopic wand handle might work itself loose during vacuuming

Should the Bissell Zing Bagged not prove to be what you are looking for then perhaps this alternative will be: 

Similar model: Alternative budget option – Dirt Devil Tattoo Crimson Bouquet

Where is the best place to empty a canister vacuum

After choosing the most powerful cylinder vacuum cleaner, you can be curious: where should you empty the canister? If you do it somewhere in the house, everything will be dark with dust again. What is the solution? Where to empty the canister to keep the home clean and fresh?

A garage is a perfect place for storing garden tools, cleaning equipment and different instruments. If you are a lucky owner of garage, place a utility sink there. Emptying your canister in the utility sink, you will minimise the mess.

You can also empty the bag outside. Allergens and pet hair won’t be back into the house if you choose a non-windy corner near the building to empty the bag. Make sure to do it near trash container to don’t leave dirt a chance to slip away!

Canister vacuum consumer reports

Picking an appropriate cleaner like HEPA canister vacuum won’t only facilitate the overall cleaning process, but it will also contribute to you being more comfortable and happy throughout it. With a compact, lightweight, efficient product, you will start to see the changes in your environment’s hygiene, as well as physically (no more pet hair!!). Keep in mind that when you decide what you’ll be using it for, you must choose the best canister vacuum that not only has an excellent suction power and long hose, but that also offers the biggest amount of benefits and a fair warranty and price.


Date: 1. 04. 2019

We have this vacuum cleaner for about a week now. We purchased it together with this carpet shampooer After cleaning the carpet looks like after the dry cleaners. We are pleased with the purchase! Thank you for the useful reviews!

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