Best Pond Vacuum for Home: Comparison & Reviews 2019

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Pond vacuums are not as common as standard household units which makes finding the best pond vacuum cleaner quite the task. You may need a pond vac for your fish pond, aquarium, or some wetlands you have around your property. Don’t settle for the first one you see but read on to find the features to look for in our pond vacuum review to determine the one that will deliver exceptional service for you. Our team has put together this guide to go over the technical aspects of these unique devices, how they work, and what to look out for when making your selection.

Each model has its own features depending on your situation. Whether you need a small hand-held for your aquarium or something more industrial for around the yard we have presented the best of class in each category. Check out the Pros and Cons section below before placing an order to ensure you get the quality vac you need. We hope you find our advice helpful in your quest for the best pond vacuum cleaner.

What Is a Pond Cleaner?

First of all, let us define what a pond vacuum cleaner is. This is the tool that helps pond, fountain, and aquarium owners clean their indoor fountain accessories from green algae, dirt, and grime. If you wish to make your pond as clean as it was on its first day of existence, then pond vacuum cleaner is what you need to buy immediately.

You might not believe that to remove all the dirt from the pond is impossible with just some tool. And we understand your attitude because we are aware of the fact that you have no idea what we are talking about. That is why kindly allow us to explain how this amazing tool works.

How Does a Pond Vacuum Work?

A good pond vacuum is constructed according to the latest technologies – it has two motors, a one-step vacuuming system, and the extra long hoses and pipe. This complicated combination of its parts lets it suck the dirty water up from the pond and pass the water into a chamber. All the dirt, sludge, and leaves stay in the filter, – an inbuilt filter bag or removable strainer – and the latter needs to be rinsed out. The clean water is released back.

If you decided to buy the pond cleaning vacuum, you are on the right track to saving your time for the more important things. Instead of struggling to make your fountain clean and still failing it, you had better use the powerful vacuum cleaner and spend the time with your family and friends. Now you understand that the principle of its work is pretty simple, however, how it manages to do it may sound a bit magical to the person who has no engineering background.

However, even if you know nothing about fish pond vacuum cleaners, it does not mean you have to choose the one blindly. Here we are to help you in the difficult situation – we are going to name the main features you have to pay attention to when buying a compact pond cleaning vacuum. Are you ready to find them out? Then keep on reading!

Things to Consider When Buying Pond Vacs


The first thing you need to pay your attention to is the portable pool vacuum’s price. This is an important category because the work of your pond vacuum directly depends on the price you are willing to pay for it. If the hand-held model of the pond cleaner vacuum will be enough for your small fountain or aquarium, then you will pay from $10 to $100. If you have a bigger indoor fountain accessory, then you will need something like the OASE PondoVac Classic Pond Vacuum Cleaner, and its price can rise to $700. You might be interested what the difference between the two models is. Well, the difference is in the amount of water the fish pond vacuum can hold and the size of the filter bag. In any case, no matter which pond sludge vacuum you choose, it will make the interior and exterior of your water reservoir clean and tidy.

Single or Double-Chamber Suction System

The suction system in the lake muck vacuum cleaners can be single-chamber or double-chamber. You might be confused by these terms that is why allow us to explain what they mean. The difference is in its power. The single-chamber suction system is created for the small pieces of dirt and sand. It is good for the smaller indoor fountain accessories while the double-chamber one is more powerful and is thus better for the bigger water reservoirs. Such fish pond vacuum cleaner is able to consume even small pebbles and rocks. You need to define the size of your water reservoir and the quantity of dirt to remove, and then decide which type of garden pond vacuum cleaner you need.

Vacuuming Power

As in the case with the suction system, the power of fish tank vacuum cleaner’s motor you need depends on the size of your pond and its water contamination rate. If your fountain is small and not really dirty, then the cheap pond vacuum cleaner with the 1200 watt motor will be perfect for you. However, if your aquarium is rather big and pretty dirty, then you will need the pond monsta vacuum with two motors. The deeper your pond is, the more powerful motor you need, and the stronger the motor, the more suctioning power the cordless pond vacuum will use in the areas that are difficult to reach on the bottom of the pond.

There is one thing you have to remember when considering single or double-chamber suction system to choose and what motor to prefer – the more powerful the pond muck vacuum is, the heavier it will be. What may an extra weight cause to you? Well, the inconvenience to move it around the edge of the pond. You need to consider this as well because you are to use it, and you need to be ready to meet the difficulties.

Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaners

If you have a small water reservoir, all these discussions about the double-chamber suction system and two motors vacuuming power are just useless – you do not need any of those. What you really need is a hand-held vac. What are its benefits? Well, first of all, it is lightweight and easy to use. Second of all, it is compact – you can maneuver it the way you want, and you will not have any problems with moving it around the edge of the pond. If you asked us for advice which handheld vacuum cleaner to choose, we would recommend you Aura Paradise Power Spa Vacuum – this one is a perfect option for the small fountains with some sand that you need to get rid of.

Extra Cleaning Attachments and Features

Like all the other technical devices, pond cleaners vacuums may have extra cleaning attachments and features. Why would you need them? Well, the answer is simple – to make the cleaning procedure even better and easier for you. The different cleaning applications are performed by the so-called “nozzles” – they are used for cleaning through a gravel to flat surfaces. Just like you need different nozzles for the ordinary vac for the different sorts of surfaces, the same goes with the air compressor pond vacuum cleaner.

You might want to buy the telescopic pole separately for less than $50 – it will help to pick up the small rocks and sand. Some oase pond vacuums have the inbuilt thermometer that helps define the temperature of the water when you are replacing it with the clean one. Other than that, the hand-held vacs sometimes have the inbuilt filter that you can easily remove for the quick cleaning.

Why Do You Need a Pond Vac?

If you want your water reservoirs to be clean and tidy, you will have to buy the best pond vacuum 2019. Even the clean-looking ponds have some dirt at their bottoms because it is a natural process for the indoor fountain accessory to get covered with sludge. You need to understand how dangerous it might be for your pond to become dirty. The sludge may become a breeding ground for the disease-causing organisms that might influence the health of your fish. Even if you use the algae-control chemicals for the water, they will not save it from the growth of unsightly algae.

You will never achieve the same result with your hands as you will with the pond vac – you will be unable to get to the areas that are difficult to reach. If you wish to get rid of the unnecessary organic matter, then you definitely need to buy a pond vac because you will thus make your fountain clean and your life easy.

Pros and Cons of the Pond Vac in Your Life


  • Compact design. No matter how big and powerful vac you have decided to buy, it will always have a compact design so that you feel comfortable using it. The aim of any pond vac brand is your satisfaction of maneuvering it around the pond. That is why it does not matter whether you are buying a hand-held vac or the bigger one, it will always be compact.
  • Good vacuuming suction. All vacs are created to suck all the dirt, leaves, and sand from your aquariums, and they all do it well. The only issue is that the single-chamber suction system would be better for the small aquarium while the double-chamber one – for the big fountains.
  • Additional features. All the vacs have an opportunity to add the extra features that will help you to remove the dirt from your fountain better. Just check on the nozzles, telescopic poles, and inbuilt thermometers and make your choice.
  • Guarantee. Each tool has a guarantee for minimum one year. This means if you have been using the machine for six months, and it has started working bad, you can use your guarantee and ask to replace it with the new one. Or, you can ask for your money back.
  • Affordable price. Considering the amount of time you are going to use the machine and the quantity of work the tool is going to perform its duties, you pay not much even if you pay $700. Seriously, just think about how valuable the machine is for your daily routine, count the approximate time you are going to use it, and find out the price you are going to pay each day for its usage. We bet, it will be less than $1!


  • Quite a huge size. No matter which machine you are buying, it is definitely going to be big. Even the hand-held vacs are big, not to speak of the normal pond vacs. If you wish to clean your pond, be ready to mess with the huge machine. You also need to find the good storage place to keep it.
  • Heavy weight. The big size of the machine supposes a heavy weight. That I why if you are a slim young girl, you might not be able to maneuver it yourself – you might want to ask for the male help. The problem is when you are working with the machine in the water, you have to move it, and taking into account the tool is quite heavy, it might be a problem for you.

The Best Pond Vacs We Recommend

Apart from the OASE PondoVac Classic Pond Vacuum Cleaner mentioned above, we would like to recommend you three best powerful vacuum cleaners that we think are amazing. We judged them by their price, quality of the suction system, and other technical features. Are you interested in our list? Then keep on reading!

Pond Vacuum Cleaner

OASE PondoVac Classic Pond Vacuum Cleaner is, by the way, a good example of the best pond vacuum cleaner that is created for the small or medium-sized ponds, however, has a high price. You might wonder what it is connected with. Well, allow us to explain you the pros of this machine that make it so good and so expensive.


First of all, the brand that produces it has been on the market for more than ten years, and it knows well how to produce quality products that really help people. Second of all, this tool uses the minimum of energy but has a lot of power. This automatic pond cleaner has one strong 1200 watt motor – when the collection tank becomes full, the chamber suction system stops the motor. This newest technology does not let the unit to overheat.


This cleaner is very eco-friendly because it recycles any vacuumed water and dirt that you can use as the natural fertilizer in your garden. The machine is rather quiet with a noise reducing function. It is easy to work with it in case you have kids sleeping in the house.

Pond Vacuum Cleaner

This one is created not for the small ponds that is why if you are the owner of a small aquarium, you had better skip this part because this tool is meant for the medium and large-sized indoor fountain accessories. It has two strong motors and the double-chamber vacuum system. It has amazing fish pond vacuum pumps that let the working process last longer.


They also make sure all the dirty water is removed from your pond. The only two cons that this machine has are that it is expensive and pretty heavy, but this can be easily explained by the big amount of functions it performs. Plus, its ergonomic design does not make your back and arms overwork. If you buy Matala Power Cyclone Pond Vacuum, you get the one-year guarantee – if something breaks during this time, you can easily ask for the new machine or simply take your money back. How amazing is that?

PondoVac 3 Pond Vacuum Cleaner

This machine will save lots of your time and energy because it does not need your water feature to be emptied. You will not need a lot of time to collect all the debris that the bottom of your indoor fountain accessory has – the huge plus of this machine is the amazing speed with which it does its work.


Thanks to the double-chamber suction system, it is very powerful and ergonomic. It also has a number of the additional features that will make your cleaning process even more productive. Its only con is that the latches on the unit sides are made of plastic, and they are quite easy to break. Other than that, we recommend you to buy OASE 37230 PondoVac 3 Pond Vacuum Cleaner.


The last vac on our list is OASE PondoVac 4. This machine is extremely multifunctional, and you will be surprised how many things you can do with its help. It guarantees a continuous working process – you can be confident that you will manage to do everything you planned. It has a double-chamber suction system and a powerful 1800 watt motor capacity. If your pool is up to six feet, you can be sure OASE PondoVac 4 Pond Vacuum Cleaner will easily suck up all the debris even out of such depth.


Buying this machine, you get the three-year guarantee – a good amount of time to understand the working abilities of the tool. OASE PondOVac 4 has several cons as well. First of all, it is quite expensive – its price can go up to 9 which is a lot of money. Second of all, the user’s manual is not quite helpful and seems to be not up to the mark. And finally, the last and very important con is that the tool cannot be used in the salt water.

Pond Vacuum

This amazing hand-held tool is quieter than the rest of the vacs mentioned above. Do you know why? Because it has a submerged motor that makes the work so quiet, no one will ever guess you are working on your pool. The handle is lightweight that is why it will be easy for you to manage it.

The task that you would naturally be doing for two days will thus be done in one – how amazing is that? All the dirt, debris, and leaves will be removed as soon as you turn on Alpine Pond Vac. To make this process even more productive, two brushes are included in the set. And guess what? The vac is safe to use with the fish in the pool.

Mini Jet Vac Vacuum Cleaner w/ brushes and Bag 3′ 11″

This tool is extremely cheap which makes the product even more attractive – it costs only ! For this price, it removes debris from the floors of both the floor in your garden and the bottom of your pool.

The additional brushes will help to do the work more quickly and much easier. After you have cleaned the water, all the mud is collected to the bag, and the clean water goes back to the pool. All you have to do is simply empty the bag and continue your work – how amazing is that?

Wand Swimming Pool/ Spa, Pond Vacuum Cleaner

This is another option for those who want a good hand-held vac for the small pools. It has an amazingly strong vacuuming suction that allows the user to pick up all the dirt from the bottom of the pond. One does not need any hose, batteries, or electricity to use this wonderful tool. It has the best hand vacuum pump that lets the user suck up all the debris.


Polaris Spa Wand Swimming Pool/ Spa, Pond Vacuum Cleaner has a very good quality, however, it is definitely not created for the heavy-duty cleaning. It is super easy to use, and its compact design lets the user carry it without an effort. All you have to do is submerge the machine into the water, pump a handle, and let the tool suck up all the debris from the bottom of your water feature. All the dirt will be collected into the in-built filter basket that is easily removed – you clean it and put it back for the future usage.


What conclusion can we make after discussing why the average user needs a pond vac? Well, the first thing we need to say is that you have seen yourself from everything mentioned above that no matter how much you like to work with your hands, you will not do the job as perfectly as the pond vac will. You need to understand that the machine was created by people who wanted to make your life easier and the cleaning process more qualitative.

If you take care of the pond that has fish in it, it is even more important to keep the pool clean regularly because the life of the fish depends on the purity of the environment. If your fish are expensive, you have to be even more attentive to the cleanness of your water reservoir. Keep in mind that your indoor fountain accessory is basically your face – when the guests come to see you, they will judge your prosperity not only basing on the inside of your house but also the water feature on your terrace. Stop suffering and trying to clean your pool yourself – get the best pond vacuum! Choose the pond vac that is going to fit exactly your needs and enjoy your life afterward – it is definitely worth it!


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