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Harwood floors are very popular due to their extreme durability and great physical appeal. But they are prone to dust and stubborn dirt that typical brooms cannot clean thoroughly. This is why you need the best steam mop for hardwood floors to get proper results. Steam cleaners are eco-friendly because they don’t function with harsh chemicals. If you are considering getting the best vacuum in 2019, make sure that you’ve read this review to the end.

A steam mop is quite tricky to use. You should avoid excess water lest you damage the floor. You want to take caution not to ruin your hardwood flooring, and so you must be careful when shopping for a hardwood floor steam mop. We have done the hardest part for you, i.e., did research and compiled a list of 10 hardwood floor steamers plus their reviews. Your job now is to grab the best hardwood steam mop and start cleaning.

Which steam mop is best for hardwood floors?

Almost every steam mop hardwood floors claim to do miracles on the wooden floors. It can be very confusing trying to figure out which one is worth your penny. That is why we have created this guide for you. Here, you will learn the features that make these machines the best gadgets for cleaning hardwood floors effectively.

  • The cleaning cloth

Whether you go for a canister or stick design steam mop for hardwood floors, you need a machine that makes it easier to change the cleaning cloth. If your floors are exposed to dirt every day, you will need to change the cleaning cloth frequently. So, you should choose a steamer that simplifies this task for better results. Certain steam mops only accommodate cloths recommended by the manufacturer. Others come with clips that enable the customer to use any type of cloth. Be sure to check this feature as well as the cost of replacing the materials for the model you are considering.

  • The design

Canister steam mop for hardwood is available in two versions: dry vapor and wet steam. The dry vapor models are pricier than their counterparts and their boilers can reach a temperature of up to 320⁰C. The wet steam variety has a maximum boiler temperature of 212⁰C and it is less pricey. The two versions are more versatile than typical mops.

  • Compatibility with the floors

This must be the first factor to consider. Since you want a steamer for hard floors, you want to be sure that it is suitable for this type of flooring. These machines must not be used to clean unsealed floors. The steam can lead to mold problems or cause structural damage.

  • Adjustable steam

This feature allows you to modify the steam mop according to the type of wood floor you are cleaning and the kind of dirt you are dealing with. Generally, avoid machines with tile scrubbers and spray functions. Also, a variety of steam levels come in handy when catering for different flooring.

  • Soft cushion pads

The pads are made of microfiber fabrics, so they are extremely soft. The holes in the material offer traction on dirt, nonetheless. The material is perfect for thorough cleaning and they don’t impose any damage on the wood.

  • Residue moisture

The best steam mop hardwood doesn’t leave moisture behind. Too much residue moisture has detrimental effects on the hardwood and leaves dirty sludge behind. You should opt for microfiber mop pads that absorb water properly. If they are not well absorbent, they end up leaving streaks. Also, check that their steam control feature is up to par.

Is it OK to use a steam mop on hardwood floors?

You already know that typical steam cleaning leaves moisture behind which can damage your hard floors. Manufacturers have come up with steam cleaners which are absolutely safe of hardwoods. Do you know how steam mop for hardwood floors works? It has special functions that absorb excess moisture as it glides on the floor. The mop absorbs the moisture and leaves the floor completely dry. But there is one caution you must be aware of: the floor should be sealed properly. Any lingering moisture can cause damage even to the smallest cracks on the floor surface. That is why steam mops come with the warning that your floor seal must be intact before you use the machines.

To test the credibility of the hardwood floor seal, sprinkle some water on the surface. If the water spreads and seeps into the wood, it means that the seal is faulty and requires immediate repair. If the water beads up immediately, your floor is okay and hard to penetrate. Do the test in different locations because the seal quality varies significantly from one area to the next.

Can you use a steam mop on hardwood floors?

Yes. It is safe to use the steam mop as long as the floor is sealed.

What is the best way to clean hardwood floors?

Wooden floors are a huge investment, but they normally suffer from a lot of damages due to their delicate nature. If you walk over the floor and spill dirt, do you still expect the floor to shine? If you don’t know how to attain spotless hardwood floors without damaging them, follow these guidelines. You need a cleaner like the Shark steam mop hardwood, dry cloth, a bucket of water, mop, and soap.

  • Remove clutter from the floor to make the cleaning process easier. You can move your furniture to access hidden areas. Furniture pads will go a long way in protecting the delicate floor.
  • Dry-mop the floor to remove dirt. Move the cleaning machine along the wood grain.
  • If the floor is finished with polyurethane, use a few drops of a dish-washing soap and water. Make sure that the mop is ringed out completely before cleaning. Apply small strokes as you move back and forth.
  • If the floor is varnished with shellac or coated with lacquer, do not use water because it will lead to buckling and staining. Instead, use natural hardwood floor cleaner.
  • Use a soft and clean cloth to eliminate the soapy residue. Rub the floor gently with the cloth in circles until it sparkles.
  • If you don’t get the desired results, try the recommended hardwood floor cleaner by the manufacturer.
  • Use cloth diapers to buff the floor. The materials are highly absorbent and smooth.

Product reviews

Find comprehensive reviews of our top ten steam mops for hardwood floors. We have outlined the most crucial features and the reasons why they are our favorites. Behold your handy buying guide.

- The best overall hardwood floor cleaner

Bissell steam mop hardwood floors is a versatile cleaner and the bestseller on Amazon. One of the reasons for its popularity is the affordable price which provides greater value for money. The manufacturer has designed Bissell PowerFresh 1940 so intelligently with useful mop pads featuring all-around flexible attachments. It comes with 3 steam control levels – light, medium, and high. Whether you want to spot clean or blast intense steam to eliminate tough grime, Bissell Powerfresh is the go-to option.


  • Fragrance discs that improve the freshness
  • 1500 watts of power
  • 30-second warm-up time
  • 23-inch cord
  • Microban anti-germ protection on the cleaning pads
  • Digital variable steam control
  • Two microfiber mop pads: one for regular dirt and another for tougher stains
  • Rubber scrubbing pads


  • Kills 99.9% of disease-causing microorganisms thanks to the anti-microbial protection
  • Cleans and sanitizes the floor without the need of harsh chemicals
  • It has a flip-down scrubber that cleans up even the toughest dirt
  • Can be used to clean other types of flooring - ceramic, tile, concrete, laminate, and marble
  • Ergonomic handle for added comfort
  • Works two times faster than other steam mops
  • Wide cleaning range
  • Two-year warranty


  • The deep-cleaning mode generates a lot of water, so your floors take longer to dry
  • Some consumers report leaky caps on the water tank

Are you looking for the best steam mop to tackle hardened pain or gum on your floor? The scrubbing brush of the Bissell PowerFresh has a flip-down design that will enable you to eliminate any tough mess. Once the steam makes the sticky grime pliable, all you need to do is to press the switch button, lock the machine, and your job is done.

- The best Multifunctional Steamer

Steam cleaning goes a long way in protecting your wooden floors from dark stains without necessarily using harsh chemicals. We introduce you to a multifunctional steamer with the perfect balance of portability and performance. It is extremely easy to use courtesy of the ergonomic and lightweight design. You can also use the steam cleaning effects you like.


  • The easy-to-use handle can be collapsed during storage
  • The anti-microbial power kills 99% of germs
  • The energy-saving heating element produces a quick steam
  • 11.5-ounce tank volume
  • 20 to 25 minutes of operation
  • Filling cup
  • Microfiber Pad
  • Glide accessory for carpets


  • The steam cleaning action of the machine softens and disperses any stubborn dirt quickly
  • The cloth pads dry up the floor in a few minutes after cleaning
  • User manual is included
  • Lightweight and maneuverable


  • You have to wait for the machine to cool off before refilling the tank
  • The water capacity is smaller than that of bigger steam mops

This upright steam mop can reach most surfaces around your house. The hot vapor cleanses and sanitizes your floors without compromising the health of your family. What’s more, you get to clean more than just hardwood floors with this five-in-one steamer. You can use the flexible hose or the inbuilt hand-held steam cleaner on carpets, car mirrors, and windows.

- Best steam mop for cleaning consistency

Our third pick is manufactured by O-Cedar. It features a unique triangular mop head and a soft cushioned cleaning pad. You can also use it to spot clean your carpets using the additional attachment. One thing we love about O-Cedar Steam Mop is the strong built quality. Above all, it is the most affordable in its class.


  • Adjustable steam levels
  • Weighs 5lbs
  • 20-second heat-up time
  • Swivels 360⁰
  • 400ml tank capacity
  • Special filling cup
  • Snap-on carpet attachment
  • Extra microfiber pad


  • Quick heat-up time (20 seconds)
  • Long warranty
  • Versatility
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Extremely lightweight and maneuverable
  • No spilling and messes thanks to the special filling cup
  • The cushioned microfiber pads protect the floor polish
  • It produces consistent steam that kills 99% of germs without chemicals


  • No auto-shutoff so you must be keen on the level of water to avoid damaging the steam system
  • The cleaning pads get stained after washing

If you are tired of dealing with cleaners that produce bursts of steam, O-Cedar Microfiber steamer will have all your troubles gone. It is one of the most consistent cleaners you’ll ever come across. It cleans steadily and leaves little moisture behind. This is one of the impressive qualities for which it receives lots of positive reviews online. And besides spending a relatively low budget on the steam mop, you get a 2-year warranty.

- The smartest steam mop

Shark Genius Steam Pocket is a feature-packed mop system manufactured by Shark Ninja. This brief review will compel you to buy this incredible cleaning unit. Shark Steam mop hardwood floors are specifically designed for tough stains on sealed hard floors.


  • Corded steam mop
  • Double-sided dirt grip pads
  • Genius mop head
  • Weighs 5.7lbs
  • 25 ft. cord
  • 20-30 minutes washing
  • Three-setting smart steam control levels
  • Touch-free technology
  • Steam blaster mechanism for sticky grime
  • Water fill flask


  • The extra steam power of the blaster technology attacks any dirty places by loosening them first
  • The double-sided dirt grip pads are washable. They quickly absorb liquids and engage better with the dirty surface
  • You can customize the amount of steam for every cleaning session
  • Cleans other types of floors: linoleum, laminate, tile, marble, stone, and vinyl


  • No attachment for sanitizing carpets
  • Doesn’t support itself in storage

Shark steam mop hardwood is a must-have gadget for all your hard floors if you love them sparkling clean and sanitized. Stop hassling with dirty pads and embrace the touch-free technology of this intelligent mop system. All you need to do is press a button to release the used pads automatically.

- Best pet hair cleaner

Here is an all-in-one wet dry steam vacuum and mop you can trust to clean up your hard floors and carpeted areas. Bissell Crosswave cleans dirt and pet hair so easily thanks to the pet brush roll that oscillates at 3000 rpm plus a pet hair strainer. It does much better than a mere sponge and saves a lot of time. You can count on it for eliminating pet odors. What’s more is that for every Bissell Crosswave you buy, is donated to a pet foundation pool. So you will be saving pets by cleaning your home.


  • Multi-surface pet brush roll
  • Pet hair strainers
  • Special pet odor cleaning solution
  • Unique microfiber
  • Dual-action nylon brush
  • Smart-touch controls featuring on-demand trigger
  • Two-tank technology
  • Weighs 11.02 lbs


  • Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro vacuums and washes simultaneously. You don’t need an extra vacuum
  • Saves time
  • Curbs pet hair annoyance of up to 8”
  • Safe for use on carpets, laminate, rubber, sealed wood, linoleum, and pressed wooden floors
  • You always clean with a fresh solution thanks to the 2-tank mechanism
  • Convenient cleaning and maintenance


  • The cord doesn’t auto-rewind
  • The cleaning spray is not perfect
  • Consumes lots of power

The super novel technology that makes up Bissell Crosswave assures you to have sparkling clean floors all the time. If you have never used it before, there is an instruction manual to help you get started. Don’t worry about the weight of the machine; think about its efficiency particularly if you have pets at home.

- The best back-saver

This cleaning beast is designed to power through a variety of floors and scrubbing the surfaces without causing damage. It is suitable for hardwoods and any other delicate flooring like vinyl and linoleum. The reason we refer to it as a back saver is that it requires less effort to clean.


  • Two spinning cleaning pads
  • On-demand spray
  • Weighs 9.5 pounds
  • Measures 8” by 16” by 45”
  • 20-feet electric cord
  • 14-inch cleaning coverage
  • 0.9 Amp power requirement
  • 28-ounce tank capacity


  • Powered mop scrubs clean the floor so you don’t have to do the physical work
  • It is safe for sealed and hard floors
  • Easy to handle
  • Suitable for people with back problems
  • The on-demand spray dispenses the exact amount of water you need
  • Makes cleaning much easier with the rotating pads
  • Does well on sticky surfaces


  • No automatic cord rewind. Uses cord wraps instead
  • The unit vibrates slightly if the pads are not aligned correctly

Bissell Spinwave 2039 is what you need for your everyday cleaning and emergency spills. We particularly love the two types of cleaning pads which are machine-washable and reusable. But you must know when to change Bissell steam mop filter to maintain the unit’s efficiency. Overall, Bissell Spinwave saves your time, efforts, and money while keeping your floors clean.

- Best steam mop for a low budget

Bissell PowerFresh 1806 is a low-priced steam mop with a very high rating on Amazon. This is because of its classic features that we are about to unveil. It is one of the best steam mops under 0 on the market.


  • Variable steam control levels
  • 30-minute heat-up time
  • Scent disc for refreshing the cleaned surfaces
  • On-board brush for tackling stains and tough spots
  • Weighs 5.7 lbs
  • 12 Amps power rating
  • 25 ft cord length
  • 12 inches Cleaning coverage
  • 19 oz tank capacity
  • Swivel head


  • An inexpensive steam mop that actually works
  • It has all the necessary features
  • It leaves behind a refreshing scent
  • The included measuring cup makes it easier to fill the tank
  • You can choose between low and high steam level settings depending on your needs


  • There are no additional tools for carpet or pet hair cleaning
  • It is meant for steaming only
  • Cannot clean above the floor

We highly recommend this Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe for homeowners who are looking for a fairly priced and realistic mop to clean bare floors and hard surfaces. But if you are looking for a multi-purpose steam mop, look elsewhere, e.g., Light N Easy steam cleaner.

- Value for money

This is another cheap model that provides a greater value for your money. The most important thing about Shark Steam Mop S1000A is effectiveness. The other thing we love about it is its ease of use. It cleans your floors effortlessly courtesy of the lightweight design. It is also easy to store since it has a lockable and upright structure. Within 30 seconds of heating, you can start removing dirt and grease even in the hardest to reach places.


  • Extra big and removable water tank
  • 18-feet power cord
  • Lightweight
  • On-demand steam supply
  • User guide


  • Excellent value for money
  • Easy to store and use due to the lightweight design
  • Doesn’t need chemicals to remove stubborn dirt
  • The removable tank makes refilling so much easy


  • You need to buy more pads if you’re washing large areas
  • The cleaning pads are not machine-washable

- The most powerful hardwood floor cleaner

Bissell PowerFresh 1940 has received a lot of positive reviews online, and after reading this review, you will understand why it is deemed to be reliable. Check out some of its exclusive qualities.


  • In-built scrubber for tough dirt
  • A variable digital steam control system
  • Uses 1500 watt of power
  • 30 seconds steaming time
  • Spring breeze scent discs
  • Microfiber mop pads for easy and quick cleaning
  • 12.5” cleaning path
  • 15-ounce tank capacity
  • Carpet glider
  • 23-foot power cord
  • Swivel mop head
  • 2-year warranty


  • With 1500 watts of power, Bissell 1940 steam mop guarantees faster cleanings and a steady flow of steam
  • Easy to handle, portable, and maneuverable
  • The pull-down brush comes in handy when you reach difficult areas
  • It cleans sticky messes faster than other steam mops of its class
  • Removes 99.9% of microbes
  • The exquisite scrubber is highly effective on tough areas and grout


  • The tank is hard to remove
  • The steam runs continuously
  • It requires an adjustable handle

Bissell PowerFresh 1940 is a multipurpose mop you should try if you need more power to clean up tough messes on your hardwood floor. You can only expect an effective cleaner from a manufacturer with a proven track record – Bissell. Its features are great, setting it apart from other similar products.

Unlike most of its competitors, O-Cedar Mop features a telescopic handle that works perfectly on wooden floors. It comes with microfiber head which you can use for wet or dry cleaning. Its telescopic handle is adjustable with a maximum length of 56 inches.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Telescopic handle
  • Machine washable microfiber head
  • Collapsible handle
  • Microfiber pad that grabs dirt and retains moisture effectively


  • Easy storage
  • Suitable for allergic people
  • Saves time and effort
  • Can be used to sweep and deep clean floors


  • Relatively short handle for tall people

O-Cedar ‘N More Microfiber Mop is sure to satisfy you with its exclusive functions. You need not worry about getting bored with the cleaning jobs around your home. It takes only a little effort and time, making your cleaning so easy and quick.


You want to maintain a clean house all the time, but this is not easy especially with pets and kids at home. Yes, you want to achieve a sparkling clean house, but most importantly, it must be free of bacteria and other disease-causing microbes. Now that you’ve read our review, you have sufficient knowledge to give you purchasing confidence.

It is very important that you check the features you think are most important to you in the best steam mop for hardwood floors. It could be portability, ease of use, or the price that matters to you the most. Once you have that figured out, narrow down your search to make the right purchasing decision. Generally, there are 5 features you should particularly focus on:

  • Ease of use
  • Versatility
  • Chemical usage
  • Start-up time
  • Floor compatibility

But it all depends on the model that pleases you. Each one of the top 10 steam mops of 2018 can handle a wide array of hard surfaces, and they are great. However, our best pick is the Bissell PowerFresh 1940 Steam Mop. This cleaner is not only powerful and reliable but offers great value for its money as well. It comes with all the desirable features of a steam mop. Try it today and see how much dirt and grime it can remove.

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