Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2019: Top 5 automatic robotics

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best robot vacuum cleanerModern tech makes our life easier in many ways. The best robot vacuum cleaner will make tedious household chores fun again. Knowing the pros and cons will save you money and time. Robot vacs are an appropriate way to keep floors look splendidly unadulterated with minimum struggle. Special apps allow to manage them from anywhere.

A  robovac is an autonomic robotic hoover that includes smart programming and a limited tidying system. Some models simply clean the area, while others combine a diversity of additional functions, such as mopping, UV sterilization, etc.

The primary purpose is to perform touch-ups to keep the apartment clean in between regular vacuuming rounds. So, robovac is meant to supplement a human-pushed hoover, not replace it.

What Is The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mean?

There are things, that demand your attention before purchasing a robovac. First of all, consider room sizes, type of surfaces, the need for filters, place to keep, the capacity of a litter chamber and accumulator life time, read the reviews. Each machine comes with a variety of additional tools: the virtual wall is a device that is used to block off areas; various types of scrubbing brushes; unique modes.

Numerous models have multiple approaches to tidying: it can be methodical or just random running around the area, mapping the room with integral cameras or smart sensors. Others include remote management. In general, the high price implies a wide variety of scrubbing modes.

The most common options are:

  • Auto – when a robot is programmed to run around till the battery is off;
  • Turbo – is the most potent regime to pull mud and powder;
  • Spot cleaning – allows to center on a distinct place.

So before buying robot vacuum cleaner consumer reports recommend to examine priorities:

the amount of money you are able to spend;

whether the powerful sucking is needed or lots of kits to provide perfect tidying for any kind of surfaces, or there are a lot of obstacles that require avoiding;

or if the brush for pet fur is wanted.

And finally, choose the perfect one and have fun while it cleans your apartment.

Best Overall Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you hate tidying and limited on a budget, the Eufy RoboVac 11 S is the best option for the price.

Setup is easy.

Remote management is placed to operate the robovac.


  • The remote controlled machine.
  • Extensive dust bin.
  • Quiet and quick cleaning.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Powerful sucking.
  • Auto Recharging.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy operating and programming.
  • Comes with spare attachments.
  • Perfect for low-profile furniture.
  • Scheduled tidying.
  • Bumper guards and sensors guide hoover through obstructions.
  • HEPA filters are included.


  • Occasionally gets stuck, especially on the rugs.
  • Cannot set weekly schedule
  • Long charging time.

A few exploitative modes are available: spot (running in widening circles), edge (finding and cleaning just along the edges), single room and manual (requires personal guidance with the help of directional keys), maximum purifying (increases the sucking for carpeting).
The Eufy RoboVac-11 S is a great robot vacuum for wood floors. It shows as good performance as any of upright models. It’s designed to help maintain your floors in between manual cleanings. The hoover is a nice solution for those who need help with keeping the pet fur and mud in check.

Also, we recommend you to look at the alternative model from Eufy:

Eufy RoboVac 30C

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

This small robotic device perfectly tidiest the apartment.

It is the basic model of Roomba.

Fairly well removes fur, crumbs, fine debris and dust from hard-surface floors and carpeting.

The iRobot Roomba 690 robovac works for an hour running in a back-and-forth style and drives among rooms.


  • Strong sucking capacity and powerful airflow extract mud with the help of straight suction.
  • Inbuilt onboard scheduling that let to set the times the customer needs.
  • A side brush cleans along the wall while a counter-rotating brush pulls debris from directly underneath.
  • Automatically adjusts to floor kinds.
  • The combination of detectors guides the robovac.
  • The virtual wall emits an infrared light to prevent going to forbidden places.
  • Automatically returns to recharging station.
  • Rubber bumpers prevent leaving scuff marks on furniture and floorboards.
  • Special brush-cleaning attachment is included.


  • Rather noisy.
  • Small capacity of dust chamber.
  • The battery does not have a charging indicator.

All in all, the robovac does an excellent work of keeping the apartment clean. The model is perfect for carpeting as it sucks out almost everything. We believe that the new Roomba 690 will be a great addition to the scrubbing store.

You may also be interested in such models from IRobot Roomba like:

IRobot Roomba 960

IRobot Roomba 980

IRobot Roomba i7

Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair and Hardwood Floors

The DEEBOT N79S robovac perfectly combines innovative technologies and excellent efficiency to show remarkable results.

The 3-stage tidying system is aimed to simplify purifying.

The robot vacuum does not only efficiently sweeps the tile floors and carpets, but mops surfaces as well.

The customer can choose the following: the auto regime, which is perfect for daily tidying, the spot mode suitable for small areas, and the edge mode, recommended for edges and corners.


  • Relatively affordable.
  • Long battery life.
  • Includes a remote control.
  • Auto recharging.
  • Cleans splendidly any floor kind.
  • Is able to mop, sweep and vacuum.
  • Pretty quite while tidying.
  • Reasonable cost.
  • The Anti-Collision sensors protect from knocking the furniture.
  • The Smart Motion Technology ensures deep and multiple tidying.


  • Navigational and maneuvering problems.
  • Lacks smartphone compatibility and UV lights.

If you are looking for the perfect vacuum for tile floors, Deebot N79S offers a remarkable efficiency. It features advanced wheels that adjust while passing uneven surfaces. This vacuum not only vacuums and sweeps the surfaces, but mops all of them as well. Overall, this is a great robot vacuum that will definitely make your home awesome.

Other two good models from ECOVACS that we can recommend:



Best Robot Vacuum For Allergies

Neato Robotics D7 is NOT cheap robot vacuum cleaner, but with perfect productivity and pretty powerful sucking power.


  • auto house cleaning;
  • scheduled a cleaning, at a set time;
  • protection against damage to furniture pieces and skirting boards;
  • sensors avert falling from the height and confronting with the wall;
  • automatic change of the direction of motion;
  • thin body provide tidying of hard-to-reach places;
  • quite;
  • remote control
  • a large variety of cleaning modes;
  • Perfect for bare floor, tile, laminate, carpeting.


  • The price of a vacuum cleaner to someone may not be affordable.

Despite its price, this model will satisfy the needs and whims of any user, it will be worth every dollar invested in it.

Best Remote Robot Vacuum

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R75 is a robovac known for its perfect scrubbing effectiveness.

It tidies the area, picks up pet fur, and gets under the lowest furniture.

Besides, the remote control makes it easy to operate; it is pretty quiet and goes for a friendly price.


  • SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R75 purifies not only carpeting but also hardwood and tile as well.
  • Robot vacuum for dog hair! Removes fur from any kind of surfaces.
  • Three inches tall allow maneuvering under the low profile furniture and other hidden areas.
  • Compact dimension makes it hard to trap the machine under the appliances.
  • The remote is used to appoint tidying, direct the vac to a distinct spot, or send it to recharge itself.
  • It's so quiet that you can even have a conversation while it is working.
  • Simple setup.
  • The unit comes with a removable cloth to wipe hardwood floors.
  • Battery Life lasts up to two hours.
  • It's reasonably priced.


  • No inbuilt function of stuck alert.
  • Occasionally can push light furniture.

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R75 is a good option, it represents a compromise between price and efficiency, though, as it performs remarkably well. It would be a perfect selection for pet owners. This little guy really does make your floors scream purified.

And another great model of robovac from Shark:

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85

The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Today, the market can offer dozens of leading models. To value robot vacuum, the price and key characteristics should be considered. These options are usually friendly to budget. And above all, the customer can set up the time of tidying.

Such additional features as a remote control, high-capacity collection bins, and advanced filtration systems, good obstacle avoidance and applications to ease of maintenance can be offered. The set of additional kits varies from model to model. The dimensions are perfect for tidying under furniture. The best models offer multiple sweeping patterns.

The robovacs don’t do stairs. Also, the litter bin is not so capacious, and they need to be regularly changed. Not all are potent enough to handle challenges such as thick carpeting and pet fur. The regular maintains are required to keep them working properly. And sometimes they not only stuck but can move some light furniture.

All in all, the best robot vacuum cleaner is a perfect option as a secondary cleaner.


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