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With so many options on the market finding the best upright vacuum cleaner is quite a challenge. Furthermore these designs can be bagged or bagless and often contain different accessories. With so much to think about, we’ve put together some upright vacuum cleaner reviews to narrow down the selection for you. With our expert advice you’ll be able to get the device you need without paying extra for features you do not need.

These models are easier to store than canister designs and have several applications. So whether you need an upright vacuum cleaner for the office or at home, have fluffy pets, or a deep pile carpet, there is an option to suit your needs. Be sure to review our comparison table to spot out the features and accessories you look for in a vacuum and pick the one you need. Follow the advice of our experts and you’ll be sure to take home the best upright vacuum cleaner, so let’s get down to the details.

Best upright vacuum cleaner


Following Characteristics Of Tools Should Be Considered:


Upright vacs are well-known standard machines where the motor and the sucking head are put in the one joint. On average, these models are generally cheaper than canister ones. Motorized brushes provide efficient mopping and extensive cleaning radius. The junction from uncovered floors to rugs is controlled by the user directly. As there are no additional kits, the storage is easy. There is no need to compile the set before applying.

  • Lightweight upright vacuum. If you are hunting for such a cleaner, give attention to Bissell and Dirt Devil. Compact parameters make mopping hard-to-get spaces easy. The machines require little storage space. Be free from allergens!
  • Cordless upright vacuum. For those, who prefer such models we suggest looking at Dyson series. The models grant a broad range of additional tools, large cleaning radius and perfect accesses to all nooks and crannies.
  • Commercial upright vacuums. Oreck has quite a superior selection. They have good reach and versatility, wide mopping path and large bags for debris.
  • Upright vacuum for stairs. There is nothing better than Panasonic, Electrolux or Shark for this option. The models fit for any kind of surface, ideal for bare or carpeted rungs. Cord extender and long hose allow long reach.
  • Upright vacuums for pet hair. For pet owners we advise – Dyson Ball, Shark or Kenmore, they will be precise due to special attachments that provide excellent trapping of fur. HEPA filtrating system embroils allergens and hair.
  • Upright vacuum for hardwood floors. Electrolux or Eureka are top notch options. Quick mopping with extensive mopping outline. Models have a careful design, high-grade features, and solid
  • Upright bagless vacuum. Let’s have a look at Hoover Vac or Eureka. Modern System Check Indicator helps the customer to check for hidden dirt. Permanent HEPA filter system and hermetic bin tightly lock dirt, dust, and fur.
  • Bagged upright vacuums. Among the most well-known are Kenmore and Miele. The bags do not require often change: due to a great capacity each one serves for a half of the year. The customer receives several intensity settings, nimble vac, and the perfect reach at a reasonable price.

Canister vs Upright Vacuum Cleaner

canister vs upright
The good upright vacuum helps to create a better tidying practice.

To decide on a proper machine model, take into consideration the price, the kind of cleaning and the types of surfaces.

Take into account maneuverability, power, additional kits, reach, etc.



Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Pros: Cons:
  • Have lower cost.
  • Wide tidying path, motorized brush, and long lacing.
  • Gives a user good reach
  • Show better performance on carpeting.
  • Compact design that can fit into small closets or in corners.
  • Can be operated without preparations.
  • Easy storage.
  • Have heavy weight and less maneuverable and that makes sweeping the stairs a tricky challenge.
  • May cause damage to edges and parts of throw rugs.
  • The models have limited access under furniture.
  • Usually, these models have less additional tools.
  • Not designed to allergy suffers.


Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Pros: Cons:
  • Powerful, have intake and stream-rate preferably.
  • Designed for hard-floor surfaces and large areas.
  • They are far more flexible and easy to handle.
  • Have a good coverage around and under pieces of furniture.
  • The models are recommended for allergy sufferers due to sealed HEPA systems.
  • Silent.
  • Kits are located either in the bin or on the wand.
  • The Awkward shape may be hard to store in tight spaces.
  • Smaller bin rollers may stuck in thick carpets.
  • Not constructed for immediate use.
  • Sometimes require changing tools when going from carpet to bare floor.
  • The volume of chambers is lower than in bags.

Besides the price, flooring, and storage considerations other variants must be considered. If you need to select best upright vacuum cleaner, there really is no right choice. The canister upright cacuum  just a question of what suits individual needs best at the current moment and in the nearest future.

– Best Upright Vacuum For Multi-Surface Cleaning

The model is well-known for its sucking capacity. You will be unpleasantly surprised at how much fug, filth, and bacteria is kept in carpets.

Has the certification from the “Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America”, and perfectly defends from micro scintillas that make you allergic. Performs greatly on hard floors either.

Hard-to-reach corners are now in the past. Dyson Ball Complete Upright Vacuum uses Ball and Radial Root Cyclone technology for productive and rapid sweeping. The 35ft cord allows you to get access to any interstice and gives contaminants no chance to stand. Hygienic chamber: just pull the button to empty it.

Dimensions: 36x12x10 inches.


  • Self-adjusting tidying brush is fitting for whatever floor type.
  • Consigned for lessened noise rates.
  • Strong power roller almost turns the hoover into a self-propelled unit.
  • Tangle-free turbo kit withdraws fur from carpets and upholstered furniture without
  • Special tool for steps.
  • Manufacturer warranty guarantees up to 5 years of smooth and unimpeded work.


  • Heavy weight.
  • The imbibition is not controllable, almost too powerful for some types of carpets.
  • No location on the vehicle to put all the kits.

This is a perfect upright bagless vacuum for spacious, big lodgment and for pets owners. Consider available budget, although the price is reasonable. Countless positive commentaries are the top-flight estimation for us.

– Really Great Choice To Pick Up The Dirt

Bissell upright vacuum is a genuine master of diversity. Fur, dust or fug? Carpet, floor or maybe curtains or even car? Neither particle of litter has a chance. Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a special HEPA-filter are perfect for embroiling dirt and allergens inside the can. The dust chamber is comfortable to clean and pick. Just push the key.

Premium Pet Power Brush gathers pet fur, and flinders; deeply cleans scurf from any space.

LED headlamps give you great grip for handling around furnishings.

The upright vacuum is excellent for quick tidying stairs, upholstery, and tiny hard-to-reach corners. Covers each nook, crevices and ceilings, closets and basements.

Make your life easier with remarkable productiveness and kits for about any situation. Control the suction capacity for lighter tapises, carpets, and drapery. The ultra-quiet operation allows running in any place, anytime you need.

Palliated construction with turning driving readily dances around and under any furniture. A special-long hose and cord furnish good reach and versatility. Dusting fetlock and cleft kit out-and-outer surfaces are included.

The Bissell Upright Vacuum is properly-designed. The wider tidying surface, larger capacity, and longer lacing are certain traits that are deliberated outbalancing to the steersman. The 5-year warranty guarantees long-time rendition. The gear is handy to use and maintain.


  • The machine is constructed for allergy sufferers and pet owners.
  • LED headlights spotlight every small bit of mud.
  • Able to clean any type of surface with the help of additional kits.


  • The hose and the coed provide small.
  • The option of suction control is not envisaged.

All in all it is incredible to get such a Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner considering cost and pros.

– The Best Upright Vacuum For Different Carpet Lengths

The model matches the precise definition of a normal hoover.

A power brush, dusting brush, and crevice kit are included.

Hoover upright bagless vacuum weighs 18 pounds and grants useful specifications such as a vent line and tame rug stockpile control.


  • Excellent efficiency on taking away coupled mud.
  • Perfect for trapping pet fur.
  • System Check Indicator tells you when the filter should be purified or examined.
  • Automatic lacing run-back made for perfect storage.
  • Wind Tunnel Technology brings up and disposes of surface waste.
  • Constant HEPA filter.
  • Bagless: no need to interchange strainers and bags.


  • Shows poor performance on hard floors.
  • Minimal packaging.
  • Model is not suited for stairs due to heavy weight.

In the case of searching for an efficient and easy to control Hoover upright baggless vacuum cleaner think over buying this vac. Hoover UH70120 is recommended for those who don’t own pets. The machine shows excellent performance on relatively new carpets with medium to medium-high pile height. Nevertheless, this product has a big amount of negative reviews.

– The Good Upright Vacuum For Use on All Surfaces

The model is competitive with all luxury models and, in many cases, far exceeded any expectations.  The Electrolux Upright Vacuum is the proper format, reasonable grade of capacity and excellent pursuance.

Be prepared for innovations: Brushroll Clean Technology picks intricate hairs and jammed items from the brush roll and places it into the litter bin with the press of a lever.

Multi-cyclonic system – that what makes the process of cleaning almost effortless.


  • HEPA filter gathers fug, dust, and allergens.
  • Long cord gives extra reach.
  • Comfortable to grip handle goes with a mighty sucking and power regulation.
  • Switch modes allow you regulate regime for carpets and bare floor.
  • The pellucid litter chamber comes with a removable, washable filter.


  • Heats quickly.
  • Low air impact while using the additional tools.
  • Difficult to maneuver around furniture.

All in all, the Shark upright vacuum performs fairly well on carpets. It has either very positive reviews either very negative. Consider this model as an option if you are sure that the pros outweigh the cons. Electrolux hoover tends to have reasonable cost with a wide variety of functions.

– Good Upright Vacuum For The Price

Panasonic upright vacuum is suited for use on all the surfaces. The machine provides powerful suction. The ergonomic design permits convenient operation, and quick direction with one twist of your wrist.

The model has a shrinking wand and an extending hose that gives perfect reach. Two wands, a crevice tool, dusting brush and an air turbine are embedded to make tidying comfortable and cozy.

The multi-floor vacuum adjusts for carpet height. HEPA filtration system guarantees good tidying results and increases air quality. This Panasonic hoover has a motor protection that places fur and mud corpuscles deeply into the bag.


  • The model provides a low level of noise operation.
  • Powerful suction powered by 12 amp motor fits for all kinds of surfaces.
  • The multi-layer filtering system increases the filtration
  • Cord extender is 24’ long with the automatic winding back.
  • The QuickDraw On-Board attachments allow cleaning furniture and hidden corners.
  • Significantly reduces recirculation of dust and allergens.
  • Comfy for brushing of all types of furniture, window frames, baseboards, stairs.
  • Clean easily in low light conditions.


  • Very heavy.
  • The hose tends to flop off its holder.
  • Can leave marks all over trimming.

The vac does the job, but it’s not easy to pace over the floor for a quick spruce up. Panasonic upright vacuum is offering nicely designed hoovers with many additional tools. The model MC-UG471 is an average example. The performance and the affinity are fair enough for the price range. Good and easy to use and very simple to maintain.

For Bare Floors and Carpets

Kenmore Upright vacuum worthies your money. It not only gathers powder and shivers on the floor it equally well perfumes smoothly on carpets.

With a four-position height adjustment, included, crevice tool, pet hair attachment and telescoping wand, there are no places you can’t clean


  • The model cleans on all surfaces with the help of a great variety of additional tools.
  • Carpet pile adjustment makes it easy to get out fur and dust from the deep layers.
  • Best for clearing across the board.
  • An included dirt sensor tells where there’s cleaning still required.
  • Top rates for issuance and airflow.
  • A HEPA filtrating system is embedded.
  • Highlights are a con.
  • A 35’ cord gives a pretty long reach.
  • The 3D disposed engine inside the brush excludes the need for a belt.
  • All the tools are handily stored right on the sweeper, and they’re easy to put on and take off.


  • The weight is heavy, so maneuvering and bypassing the obstacles is limited.
  • It is one of the loudest vacs.
  • The swivel steering is not included.

If profound tidying is your superiority, the Kenmore 31150 is a perfect selection. Consumer Reports gave this best vacuum the highest rating. Excellent multi-surface performance. Good agitation and suction power brush deeply even shaggy carpets. So, the Kenmore Upright vacuum is great for carpet but has major limitations for other uses, mainly due to the short hose.

The Best Quiet Upright Vacuum

The type of engineering and creativity of the design will impress you greatly. The model is specially constructed for pet owners. It has an excellent suction capacity, and it automatically adjusts to the circuit of the surface.

Purchasing this trendy pet upright vacuum cleaner will treat you to various accessories such as a dust brush, crevice tool, built-in telescopic wand and a hose. For this Miele, you expect nothing short of a classy feel whenever you dare each of these accessories.


  • The bags do not need frequent replacement due to a large capacity.
  • Each of the bags lasts up to half a year.
  • The filter-change indicator automatically tells when the bag is full and ripe for disposal.
  • A rotary dial helps to adjust the power of the hoover.
  • A Turbo brush jet can achieve deep tidying.
  • Reinforced ergonomic handle makes handling lighter.
  • The model goes with two motor systems.
  • 4 different power settings provide adequate increase or decrease in power.
  • Don’t worry about pet odors, the AirClean system has activated charcoal which absorbs and ultimately neutralizes all the unwanted pet odors.
  • The model is relatively quiet.


  • The brush is too small and off center, so one side of the upright vacuum cleans better than the other.
  • The model has no mechanism for handling larger pieces accidentally sucked up.
  • Very heavy and takes a lot of exertion to drag it up and down.
  • A lot of room is needed for storage.

The vac is potent, versatile, efficient at picking pet fur and nicely featured. The size of the Miele upright vacuum makes it difficult to recommend. It is heavy to bear around, and it requires strength to get and keep moving. Besides, it doesn’t tidy quite well up to the margins of plinths, though the outlet and general productivity are significant.

– Perfect Upright Vacuum For Dorms And Small Spaces

This upright bagless vacuum is considered to be a good selection for tiny apartments and offices.

The Dirt Devil Upright Vac are not only lightweight but also small enough for convenience when tidying hard-to-reach areas.


  • Can be used as a hand-held or a utility vac.
  • Bagless: Easy to empty dust cup without making a mess.
  • Comes with a built-in crevice kit.
  • The filters are washable and replaceable.
  • Powered rotating brush bar.
  • Four options from bare floor to fluffy carpets.
  • Touch Cord rewinds it with the push of a button.
  • Total On-board Tool Kit.


  • Is not suited to work with pet fur.
  • Small dust bin.
  • Easily tipped over.

The Dirt Devil Upright Vac has great sucking potency, comes with additional kits. Easy to keep and easy to clean. For its price performs it’s the best upright vacuum under 100 and as well as models that cost 2-3 times as much.

– The Best Upright Vacuum For the Price

To the contrary of other uprights models in which the air moves through an intricacy of leggings, Eureka Upright Vacuum is constructed so that the air flow made by the motor moves directly into the orifice thus supplying far better intake.

The model fits for sweeping steps, upholstery, blinds, and cracks.


  • Long 27’ retractable power twine and 12’ expanding hose give a perfect range.
  • The attachments can snap on and ride onboard.
  • The system of two filters locks the dirt inside.
  • Quick tidying with wide 13-inch mopping outline.
  • Good in deep purifying of both rugs and unclad floor with its brush roll option.
  • Has benign gum rollers to decrease the risk of scrabbling wood or laminate flooring.
  • Generous assurance up to 3 years.
  • The overload protection is the real benefit of the model.


  • The vac requires much space to store it.
  • Troublesome and noisy.
  • The belt may demand the frequent change.

Moderate weight for an uprights model and low price make it a significant selection. Also, it is universal so that can be used both on upholstery and steps, bare floor and carpets. The Eureka Upright Vacuum gives reasonably adequate coverage to tidy webs off the ceiling. Good for allergic people. It cannot be argued that it is one of the greatest options for bagless uprights on the market.

– The Best Upright Vacuum For Any Carpet

This is a cheap, profitable upright vacuum, but it does its job perfectly on carpeting. The side brushes are helpful for picking up fur and debris, particularly around skirting or furniture.

It’s designed with ergonomics in mind.


  • Side brushes improve skirting and margins tidying.
  • Hand controls for easy access
  • Strong suction and brush roll.
  • Long power cord.
  • Perfect for deep cleaning of fur.
  • Large bags for debris.


  • This is preferably used on carpeting only.
  • Can not be used on steps due to the lack of the special kit and the hose.

As we said before, Oreck is a company that made their name by creating really good and high-quality products. We are used to see them in the stores and hear about them from different people. Thus, if you are looking for some classic vacuum that has gained good reputation, then XL2100RHS might be the right choice.


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