Best Vacuum Cleaners 2018: The Ultimate Shopping Guide

In order to pick a vacuum cleaner and accomplish full cleanliness in your home in a fast, efficient way and with not much effort, specialists and users say you must look for some key features when you’re shopping for one.

Said features include the vacuum’s power, its level of energy efficiency to see whether it consumes too much or too little energy. Plus, its design, how easy it is to handle, what its waste storage method is, whether it’s movable or not and the way it can be moved around the house without any problem, among other factors.

Best Vacuum Cleaners 2018


What’s the best vacuum cleaner on the market?

Nowadays, the market offers us hundreds of vacuum cleaners, many have with characteristics we hardly know or even understand. That’s why it’s important to read this guide to buy a good, cheap vacuum cleaner; we’ll help you decide which is the one that best fits your expectations and budget.

Shopping guide

How well does the vacuum cleaner clean your house?

Without a doubt, the most important thing to keep in mind when completing your purchase is to know about the devices’ performance. For a cleaner to be really effective, it should have good suction power, closed compartments, and suitable filters.

Even when we might think that stronger suction means better cleaning, the truth is that you require different degrees of suction for different surfaces, which is why it’s important that your vacuum cleaner has a suction force control.

What good is a vacuum cleaner with a high suction power, if its compartments aren’t adequately sealed to prevent the collected dust from returning to your environment during the process of aspiration?

On the other hand, you must pick one that has the best filters;

HEPA filters are highly recommended. You’ll probably run into different types of HEPA filters at your store; look for the ones that are certified. For instance, ‘True HEPA’ or ‘Absolute HEPA’ filters are the only ones that are capable of catching microscopic particles. These are excellent filters for people with allergies.

What kind of vacuum cleaner is the best?

The one that comes with a bag, or the one that comes without one? It has been proven that cleaners with a bag do more superior job, which is why they’re more recommended for people that want to fully aspirate the dust in their homes. Cleaners with bags also save people the experience of exposing themselves to the dust when cleaning the device; this does happen with bagless cleaners.


When we talk about the device’s design, more than discussing whether the aspect of the product is classic or new, pretty or ugly, we discuss characteristics like the weight. You’ll have to carry it from one place to another in your house, and having to move a heavy vacuum cleaner can become a little tedious.

The cable’s length is also significant because having a good cable will prevent having to plug and unplug it from one place to another; having a two story house can also be a problem with short cables, so keep it in mind.

One other aspect to take into consideration is the fact that you need a product that can reach difficult places like the spot under your couch, under your bed and even corners.

It is also important to look for a device that has an automatic turn off feature; if the device reaches a place that obstructs its passage, it’ll automatically turn itself off, and that’s a good security measure. Other security measures include turning itself off due to overheating and stopping to aspirate when the bag/deposit is full.



One last factor to consider and compare when buying a cheap vacuum cleaner is the accessories that are included and available to it. Keep your needs in mind and pick one with regards of what you want. Look for a tool that have additional accessories for pet hair if you have one, gadgets to clean furniture and curtains and corners. If it comes with extensible tubes, better.

To summarize, look for a device that adapts well to your home and your life style; make sure it has the proper suction power for your type of floor, and that it comes with all additional gadgets that ease your cleaning and make the process of cleaning more efficient. Don’t forget to pick one from a brand that will provide assistance and technical service in the case that you require it.

Best robot vacuum – Shopping guide, opinion, and analysis, 2018

best robot vacuumVacuum robots are an instrument of great help that keeps different surfaces clean. This is one of the factors that may interest you when you see one.

You should also look for a robot that can work in many types of floor, and that has an intuitive operating mode that makes it tour the same places several times to clean better. You should also look for a robot with a good aspiration level, with a long lasting battery and one that notifies you when its bag is full.

According to what we’ve researched, the iRobot Roomba 615 is the best option for you.

This model adapts well to different surfaces and structures, it works in a phase mode, has a good size deposit and a control center that’s easy to use. One other device that meets all these requirements is the iRobot Roomba 772, which belongs to the same manufacturer.

To compare robotic cleaners, you should evaluate many of its aspects, like its price, material, power, accessories, additional features, and other things. If you’re looking to buy a cheap device that’s also efficient in cleaning and doing all other things it is destined to do, this guide will be useful for you.

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Best vacuum for pet hair – Shopping guide, opinion and analysis, 2018

Best vacuum for pet hairNothing compares to the joy of having pets in your home, but it is also worthy of being mentioned that all the hair and waste they leave around can become a big problem.

Of course, a vacuum that can clean all that, and even dust and allergens in the solution to that problem, but, how can you find the best model that adapts both to your needs and budget?

If you’ve already thought about the power, filters, and accessories your future helper must have, we recommend the two best-rated models by clients.

They say these two will be your best investment. The first is Bosch Zoo’o Pro Animal, which is a high-end vacuum cleaner that’s practical and easy to use. It’s an excellent option to get rid of animal hair and allergens. Then there’s also the Dyson DC52 Animal Turbine, which has the complete equipment, is practical and also delivers exellent performance.

Having pets at home is an authentic pleasure, however, it has its drawbacks: hair everywhere, sand from the litter boxes, other dirt, etc.

To minimize this inconvenient, there are several tools available, which were specially made for this kind of cleaning; these are the cleaners for pets. If you’ve never heard of them, in our best vacuum for pet hair shopping guide, we’ll explain the primary qualities of this product that will help you make a decision when having to purchase a vacuum cleaner.

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What’s 2018’s best cordless vacuum?

best cordless vacuumCleaning the house is a chore that should be done daily to keep the environment hygienic and prevent the risk of respiratory or skin infections, as well as other diseases and problems.

If you’re worried about the effort you must put into cleaning, you might be interested in learning about this new product: the cordless vacuum. It is a device that’s incredibly designed to ameliorate and speed up the process, to clean your house in a faster, more efficient way.

The comparisons you’ll find in this guide will help you understand the relevant performance aspects a cordless vacuum cleaner has so that you can make a decision when you purchase one, all based on real, trustworthy information.

Cordless cleaners are designed for people to use them as regular cleaners. Most of them have brushes that help sweep all the waste, making it easier to aspirate them with the device. Some even come with telescopic tubes to help you reach high corners and lamps, frames and curtains, among other spaces.

One of the most important aspects of the performance of all cordless vacuum cleaners is its power level. We recommend you pick one with a good one because this way you’ll make sure that the device will be capable of getting rid of all the dirt in your home.

On the other hand, and by being cordless, these cleaners implement internal rechargeable batteries that have different autonomy levels, so again, picking one that adapts well will depend on your needs and the size of your house.

The model we present in this section belongs to Rowenta’s Air Force Extreme line, which is designed for housekeeping. This is why it is designed along with a moderate power level and basic autonomy that tends to be enough for apartments and small houses.

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Best handheld vacuum – Shopping guide, opinion, and analysis, 2018

Best handheld vacuumOne of the most important functionalities a handheld device can provide for you is how portable it is when compared to other models, which makes the process of cleaning more comfortable and appropriate for small objects and spaces.

When picking one, you need to focus on its power, but also on its deposit size, cable length and places it can aspirate. All of this depends on what you need and what it is for.

Users have said that the best handheld vacuum choice is Dyson’s V6 Trigger Plus with its 350W power, which equals a 28W to 100W suction power that allows adjusting modes depending on the level of vacuuming you desire. At the same time, it is really lightweight, as it only weighs 1.2kg.

The second option users prefer is Philips’ FC614X Energy Care, which has received tons of compliments from its buyers regarding its performance features.

Next, we’ll offer a shopping guide for the best handheld vacuum, and when you read it, you’ll be able to understand the most important characteristics to be kept in mind when buying one considering they’ll either be saving for you or help you vacuum more efficiently.

It’s up to you to pick the best handheld vacuum when you know about all of these details.

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Best car vacuum cleaner – Customer’s Orientation, Revision, Analysis (2018)

best car vacuum cleanerWhy do you require a car vacuum? Are you still embarrassed that people come into your auto? Your glove box looks similar a thousand-year-old Pharaonic tomb? In this text, you will find the solution.

Purchasing a car vacuum will make the car cleaning a much simpler process.

Numerous times we see that cleaning our automobile may be a complex and also heavy activity. Think about carrying a whole range of cleanliness products, while you are loaded with the typical vacuum, which is with wire, plus, heavy and inconvenient to handle.
Knowing the difficulties, we might choose to visit a car cleaning service, but is it really a solution?


The potency of the vacuum is an especially essential element to take into account. This allows us to perform the cleaning fast and furious. Want about the suction capacity in the device, that you are going to buy, is it high or not.

Then you have to choose between the wireless or wired. Well, the decision may be complicated, but it all depends on what you are searching for.

On condition that you want a wireless, the potency usually decreases relatively in comparison to that which may be connected to a socket. But those, that connect have the limitations of movement.

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Best upright vacuum cleaner- Buyer’s Orientation, Revision, Analysis (2018)

best upright vacuum cleaner
The housework is done in different spaces and surfaces, the use of a vertical vacuum may be a great help in practice. It is necessary to consider some elements of the power that has the device, to determine how efficient may be the design, autonomy and reload time for you to have the knowledge of for how long you can use it in a certain zone.

When evaluating offers on the market, we conclude that a perfect model is the Dyson DC62 Digital Slim. Because it has the power of 350W, works wirelessly, giving you an improved mobility rate, has the capacity to store 4 liters of content and empty at the push of a button, and, therefore, it offers a good user experience.

The alternative option that you may find is the model “Rowenta Air Force Extreme RH8771”, whose benefits have also obtained various accolades from the buyers.

Vertical model is a relatively new appliance, which represents an alternative to the most typical vacuums inside homes. Because of the offerings of portability, lightness, and ease of use of an upright vacuum which is called broom type, it is no wonder that this machine gained popularity amid many homemakers in Europe and also other areas of the world.

The truth is that not every upright vacuum can replace sled kind variant. It is created for surface housework, that is, you can go regularly and keep your house immaculate. But they are not recommended for deep cleaning of houses with a lot of dirt.

The advantage of these broom kind models is that because they are extremely manageable, also, they do not need cables, you can use them more often without making an effort; this keeps the house always clean.

Consequently, you won’t need to do a profound cleaning. But, there are versions of an upright vacuum which are a little more costly. However, they possess incredible performance, able to do a deep cleaning and they are used to tidy the car.

As we see, there are numerous types and brands of the upright models, and that makes it extra difficult to choose one that suits our requirements.

That is why we have prepared this guide to obtain the best upright vacuum cleaner on the show, that will greatly help you when making a comparison of upright ones and, finally, you can choose a good and inexpensive.

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Best stick vacuum (2018) – Buyer’s Orientation

best stick vacuum
Stick vacuum remains an appliance that is not very implanted in homes but has a great future.
If we take a look at the best-selling home appliances, it is seen that machines like the Rowenta Air Force or “Dyson V6” appearing on lists are sold the most.

To be able to cleanse, you do not have to have it plugged while the bagless model or the one with the conventional bag has the be a great advantage.

Do you require a hybrid with the size like between a small and a big machine?

Aimed at urban floors, the capacity to transport and cleanse autonomously is becoming more and more popular, especially the variant that requires no wires, also, it consumes much less than an ordinary vacuum.


best vacuum for hardwood floorsStick vacuum is the solution that technology gives us today concerning housework. Should it be lightweight, wired or without wires, easy to store and for an inexpensive price, we can often take home an impeccable cleaning item.

While its suction force is slightly lower than that of a conventional vacuum, the advantage of this model is that it is the greatest choice in small houses.

If you are looking for power, because you are concerned about the hygiene of our home, it’s advisable to search for a high powerful appliance. Of course, it will be a little more expensive.

Explore carefully at the type of surface at your own home. Not all machines of such kind are suitable for certain floors. For carpets, you will need more power than on floors.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to choose between wired or wireless. Where is the difference? Apart from the physical, the principal feature is that if we choose the stick vacuum like the only cleanliness tool at home, it’s preferable to have a wired.

The reason is that without wired, the battery-operated can discharge before you have finished cleanliness.

Speaking of autonomy, you must take another feature into account. While some of such models that only charge for the duration of between five or ten minutes are available, there are also those that can give us about forty minutes, to learn such information, readthe producer’s instructions.

Their deposits usually don’t have the capability of a typical machine. Therefore, we have to buy a stick variant with the ability an easy tank emptying and, consequently, this will cause a good level of cleanliness.

With a couple of certain moves, we can reuse again immediately. The wide nozzles help us to finish our cleaning quickly, if they are narrower, it will take some more time, but you will be able to move more lightly.

Finally, some of these applications are brought with them extra supplements for cleaning corners and more difficult places.

Best vacuum for hardwood floors – Buyer’s Orientation, Revision, Analysis (2018)

best bagless vacuum cleaner
The parquet floors, however, provide great beauty and presence to our home and also allow cleaning easily. Apart from that, they also require special care to maintain its good condition and shelf life.

To get clean parquet floors, the grand option is to purchase a bagless hoover for parquet, as it allows you to achive delicate aspiration, get to the depth and avoid the annoying and constant change of dust container. There are aspects that should be contemplated when selecting a machine for wood floors like the main characteristic of its efficiency, which has an optimum suction potency, in addition to the versatility, and the ease of use.

We recommend the next options which we have chosen from bagless variants. First, we have the Dyson DC37c a very versatile model since it allows to clean both conventional and parquet floors efficiently, in addition to this, it possesses a HEPA filter that keeps even the smallest dust particles, and its weight is light. In second place we have the Rowenta Compacteo Ergo with a telescopic tube and a hypoallergenic, 800 watts of power and HEPA filter.

For example, cleanse the dust, not with a broomstick; it‘s preferable to use a machine with a soft bristle brush or a special one for hard surfaces, do not to remove the varnish or scratch it. But,

How to know which one is the vacuum of your dreams?

What are the basic criteria that should be taken into account while choosing it? In this orientation of purchasing the best vacuum for hardwood soil, we want to help you in your choice.

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Best bagless vacuum cleaner- Buyer’s Orientation, Revision, Analysis (2018)

Best bagless vacuum cleaner
Tips for buying a better the best bagless vacuum cleaner

  • The greater the suction width, the faster the cleaning will be because of the necessity to give fewer passes and clean an area. It is recommended that the width is equal to or superior to the width of the brush.
  • Depending on conserving potency capacity it is advisable to clean the brush after use and change the bag or wash the filters and empty the tank regularly.
  • Models labeled with the letter “A” concerning dust extraction on hard floors and carpet are the most effective.
  • It is important to check the effectiveness of each model for all types of surfaces (thin, thick carpets, hard floors, wood floors).
  • Some important points which can help to evaluate the ease of use are Weight and dimensions. Can it be easily dismantled? Are spare parts easy to find? Are filters clogging quickly? Can you wash the filters?
  • Many models have additional useful functions such as power controls and tank usage level indicators.
  • Other important factors which are worth consideration are power consumption and noisiness level.
  • Additions such as a nozzle of grooves (narrow corners around chair cushions or sofa), a brush for upholstery (for curtains and soft furniture) and a brush dust can be very practical. Check, if these tools are administered by vacuuming or are optional extras.
  • The Full Tank Marker is a very practical feature that lets you know when the dust collector is full without having to open the machine.
  • HEPA filter this means High Efficiency Particulate Air. This kind of filter can help people who have asthma, allergy or sensitivity to dust, but it must be cleaned or replaced regularly (once a year) to make it work efficiently, and that leads to additional costs. Since a model with a HEPA filter inclined to be more expensive, do you need one? If you have asthma, dust allergy or you simply dust sensitive; it can help, although for people living with asthma this isn’t the perfect way of getting rid of the dirt in your house.

Best commercial vacuum – shopping guide, opinion, and analysis, 2018

Best commercial vacuumCommercial vacuum solutions vary because pollution problems generated in the wide spectrum of industrial processes demand different approaches.
All suction systems were originally developed to avoid many kinds of pollutants; they suck them from the place they’re originated.
Plenty of industrial vacuum varieties targets different processes where welding fumes, plasma cutting smoke, cutting dust, grinding and sanding smoke, smoke and dust in general, gases, oil mists and welding fumes of tin, among many others, are generated.


Best central vacuum system – Shopping guide, opinion, and analysis, 2018

best central vacuum systemCleaning is essential, whether it’s a home or office/establishment that’s being discussed. These places tend to be impregnated with dust.

The outstanding presentation offices must display on a daily basis, as well as the discomfort people feel when using conventional vacuum devices while accomplishing their chores, and other things are starting to be a problem.

These establishments that usually get lots of people traffic during the day tend to get really dirty and gather pollutants in the atmosphere, such as dust. For this reason, many companies have taken charge of producing and using central-cleaning devices.

Central cleaning vacuuming is a technique that’s being implemented in offices and homes and has been successful in the market through the years.

A central vacuum system is a method that’s within your home. It consists of several suction inlets, a pipe network, and a central aspiration unit. The suction inlets have a lid that, when opened, displays a space to connect the flexible hose.

When you connect the hose, the electrical circuit closes, and the system starts working, sucking the dirt through the pipe network all the way to the dust recipient at the central aspiration unit. When you disconnect the hose from the suction inlet, the system stops automatically.

Best canister vacuum – Shopping, opinion and analysis, 2018

best canister vacuum
These are devices with which you work with your body slightly inclined to the front, and your arm does the job. It’s the most common vacuum cleaner type, “the every day one” with a large removable tube that ends with a nozzle (that can or cannot have a brush) and bags in its interior to pick up the dust. Some devices don’t have wheels to be moved around the house, which means you’ll need to carry them around while they’re in use.

They’re highly fit to be used in curtains, bedspreads, and the inside part of your vehicle. We don’t recommend them for big surfaces because the physical effort you’ll have to put into it will be much stronger.

Some canister vacuums include a motorized brush and are designed for carpets. These brushes move your carpet’s hair, facilitating the cleaning process and increasing the device’s efficiency.

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