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If you’re in search for the best vacuum cleaner for carpet, you’re at the right place. Not all carpets are designed equal and that’s why it’s important you find the best carpet vacuum for your home or office. If you have a high pile carpet, a smooth commercial style carpet, or even a shag rug, it is important you have the right tool to do the right job. Our experts at have hit the floors with the top-quality vacuums on the market to help you select the vacuum you need.

With our reviews we’ve gone over the best features and accessories for all types of carpet. We’ve also lined up the data in a scannable table to further assist you in your purchase.  So don’t let the flood of products on the market deter you from getting the right product. Read on to find out more about the best vacuum cleaner for carpet.

Types of vacuums for carpet

Depending on the kind of the carpet, and your additional needs and requirements, vacs ought to match the following characteristics:

  • Vacuum for hardwood and carpet is better as the upright type with a great sucking capacity to pull the dust and fur out of the fibers. The model should have rubberized non-marking wheels. Be careful not to scratch the flooring and creating a hassle. Find if the beater brush can be powered off either.
  • Vacuum for carpet and pet hair, and you will be satisfied with its performance completely. The key feature is the capability to control the degree of sucking depending on the cover type. Breathe easy with an AirClean System and HEPA filters. Dirt detectors quicken the mopping as they show the spots where the grime is.
  • Canister vacuum for carpet should be with two separate engines and Hepa filtration system. Anti-allergen filters are also required.
  • Cordless vacuum for carpet. Mostly they are lightweight and convenient in use. Such models provide quick cleans anywhere you want. Reach for hidden places with the help of removable tube and additional kits. Save your time and effort. Perfect to use on stairs.
  • Vacuum for tile and carpet. These models use one powerhead for both carpet and tile, so make sure the motorized brush can be turned off or use the bare floor attachment. The ability to control suction capacity will not lift the carpet from the floor. A good filtration system is wanted to purify the air from allergens and microbes.
  • The wet vacuum cleaner is a very handy tool that can replace many traditional devices. Pick up any type of debris; clean wet spills; inflate mattresses; clean wood stoves and some even can remove snow from the yard.

While searching for an irreproachable machine pay attention to key features:

  • Weight. Take into consideration the weight of the hoover and your skill to push, roll, drag and drop it.
  • Length of Hose. The longer the hosepipe provides better accesses. So, there is no necessity to push this enormous and heavyweight monster on each step.
  • An Included Stair Tool. This little but beneficial supplement eases mopping of the stairs hugely.
  • The Vacuum’s Power. The percentage of sucking capacity determines the efficiency of the cleanup. Besides, the ability to select between several modes is of supreme value.
  • Warranty. It saves the vac from the crash and money from the sudden loss. The warranty guarantees that the vacuum including its accessories is free of defects in material and workmanship and covers parts and labor.
  • Best Features. Each model has special list of features. If you want, you can choose the machine to wash the floor, with remote control via the smartphone or model with a filtration system.
  • Noise level Quiet operation is an excellent characteristic of vacuum for floors and carpet. Search for noise optimised motor, with integrated soundproofing or the selectable ‘Silence’ settings.

– Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors And Carpets

Cleaning your house will turn into a simple and pleasurable time spending, thanks to innovative BISSELL technologies. BISSELL is a brand of household vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors and carpets. Unlike other well-known brands, this one has concentrated all its efforts to develop the best vacuum cleaners in the world.

BISSELL 9595A Clean View is designed for cleaning the houses and apartments and is used only for domestic purposes. This model is distinguished by the high quality of assembly and performance, and despite the small number of functions, is very popular and deserves to get the rank of the best vacuum cleaner for carpet under 0.

The power of the motor is 12 amps and a complicated filtration system that helps to reduce some kinds of allergens. The attachment tools are TurboBrush tool, Crevice Tool, and Dusting Brush. Dimensions are 12.5 x 13.5 x 44 inches, and the weight is 15 pounds. You see that this is a lightweight product capable of long-lasting suction.

Do you have a pet? Despite everything for what we love our four-legged friends, they do not particularly care about the cleanliness of our houses. BISSELL is a manufacturer that is highly concerned with the problem of fur and, therefore, presents the solution. Moreover, with BISSELL 9595A Clean View you clean the ceilings, ceiling fans and wardrobes without pain in the back. It has an extension wand – a beneficial thing in the housekeeping.

For top performance, you should keep three filters clear. Remove them by the instruction and wipe them with a slightly wet cloth. They should be air dried completely before being placed.


  • 2-years warranty;
  • powerful suction;
  • rotatable brush;
  • 3 attachment tools;
  • Easy Empty dirt tank;
  • HEPA filtration;
  • light weighted.


  • 25 ft power cord – not a cordless design.

It is the best hoover vacuum for pet hair; it has been rated 4.4 out of 5 by Amazon 4,000 customers.

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair On Carpet

Tired of changing the modes or brushes each time you come to the new surface? It is a pleasure for us to suggest you Miele 41HAE032USA Dynamic U1 which is the vacuum for high pile carpet, hardwood floor, and other surfaces.

Due to its automatic adjusting function, you can no longer stop when doing the cleaning. Moreover, you control the level of suction which is the most suitable for a type of surface being cleaned, since it has four power settings and a rotary dial control.

The new 41HAE032USA Dynamic U1 vacuum cleaner is easy-to-use and powerful at the same time. Even in small rooms, cleaning is convenient. Miele proves that not only massive, powerful vacuums are capable of providing cleanliness: the new 41HAE032USA Dynamic U1 is relatively medium-sized but can compete in its characteristics with traditionally larger devices.

This upright vacuum cleaner has not only an ultra-compact design, excellent cleaning efficiency and a well-thought-out filtration system – it has several features and functions that make its use very comfortable.

There is an AirClean system that makes you and your family breathe easy because it provides fresh air even in the dustiest city. 39 ft cord allows you clean all the surfaces not changing a socket.

German manufacturer offers three models of Dynamic U1:Maverick, Jazz, and Cat & Dog.

Maverick is a highly maneuverable type which can easily reach inaccessible places. Jazz possesses the same characteristics but differs in color.  The filters of Cat & Dog model absorb 99,9% of dust and unpleasant pet’s odors. What is more, a distinctive feature of this type is its brush – the main tool for cleaning the animal. Inside it there is a rotating roller, catching all that is so difficult to “tear off” the carpets and furniture: wool, hair, and threads.

At the same time, such vacs are not positioned only as models for pet’s fur, they are universal enough to do everything, so they can be recommended to the owners of Bellas and Buddies.


  • Rotary Dial Power Control;
  • 1, 2000 Watt Motor;
  • HEPA filtration;
  • For different surfaces;
  • 39 ft cord;
  • Automatic height adjustment;
  • 54’ operating radius;
  • AirClean System and animals’ odors remover.


  • Sometimes the suction is too powerful.

This is the best option for the housewives who want to keep their floors and the air in the house clear all the time. It saves your time and money.

As The Best Cordless Vacuum For Carpet

Finally, we suggest thecordless vacuum! Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless possess the astounding characteristics you’ve ever heard.

The suction power of V8 electric motor Dyson V8 is 15% more than for V6. There is the 2Tier Radial technology: 15 cyclones are arranged in two rows and operate in parallel to increase airflow and capture the finest dust. A new hygienic system for cleaning the container reduces the slightest chances for contact with dust and allergens, eliminating debris between the walls of the flask.

The wall mount is used for charging the battery, storing the vacuum cleaner and additional attachments. For cleaning in hard-to-reach places, you can use a removable tube. A new attachment system – the nozzle is always tight to the floor.

The maximum time of continuous performance without the loss of suction power is 40 minutes, with a connected electric brush – 25 minutes, and turbo mode – 7 minutes with maximum suction power. This is quite enough for a significant amount of work. The nozzle with direct drive is able to eliminate the dirt from all kinds of floor coverings.

Nylon bristles penetrate deep into the carpet nap, effectively removing stale dirt. The vacuum cleaner has two filters. Both are permanent and do not require regular replacement.  One is premotor, the second – of excellent air purification –  catch any remaining particles, including allergens and bacteria up to 0,3 microns in size.

Dyson V8 Absolute perfectly cope with cleaning the room and makes this process much easier and faster. For this model, a modern cyclone system and the 0,54 liters bag are provided.

The peculiarities of Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner consist in the fact that you can use not only the power regulator located on its body but also a rich set of accessories. These include:  slit nozzle, dust brush, soft roller and turbocharger for cleaning upholstered furniture and textiles.


  • No cord;
  • Long-lived filter;
  • Many tools;
  • Extremely powerful;


  • Quite expensive;
  • Life of the battery is not very long.

These stick vacuums have many features that make them both amazing options for house cleaning. The Dyson option will convert to a handheld for better spot cleaning, and the Shark allows you to keep the cleaner on the charger all the time without hurting the battery. The Shark is not as easy to move around, and the Dyson doesn’t allow you to vacuum up to the baseboards while cleaning. Both have many pros, but they also have cons as well.

– Best Vacuum For Tile And Carpet

Dyson DC25 Allergy Ball vacuum cleaner is maneuverable, powerful and suitable for immaculate cleaning in the house. With the help of a ball instead of wheels and roller, the vacuum cleaner passes any obstacles and is easy to operate.

Such a vac is especially suitable for people with allergies and those who have pets since it collects all the dust and bacteria from the air. Perfectly cleans tile and carpets with a brush for deep cleaning.

When extraneous objects enter the Dyson DC25 carpet vacuum cleaner, the automatic shutdown system is activated. A telescopic tube has been designed for hard-to-reach places as under the sofa or high places (ceilings, cornices).

Patented Dyson Root Cyclone Technology does not lose suction power. The Ball Technology helps to rotate the vac in one place with minimal effort on your part. Maneuvering around furniture and other obstacles is controlled only with the help of one hand. Electric turbo brush with an independent electric motor is designed exclusively for deeper cleaning of carpet coverings. The rotation speed of the rollers is 5400 rev/min.

The Telescope Reach System is represented by a telescopic tube for hard-to-reach places. It is pulled out and unfastened during the cleaning under low-standing furniture, as well as high shelves and cornices. Moreover, this vacuum has a function of hygienic cleaning of the container – just press the button to clear the container of debris.

The air emanating from the Dyson vacuum contains up to 150 times fewer bacteria and allergens than the air you breathe due to HEPA filter.

This model is especially perfect for those who have pets. Generally, everything is easily removed and cleaned. All the details are made with high-quality materials.

One disadvantage is that it is not lightweight. The wrist is becoming tired after some time, but it’s a matter of habit. The power of suction allows to quickly clean a large area, so this remark is not critical.


  • HEPA filter;
  • Root Cyclone Technology;
  • Ball Technology;
  • 5400 rev/min rotation speed;
  • Telescope Reach System;
  • Motorized Brush Bar;
  • 5-years warranty.


  • Expensive enough;
  • Slightly physically exhausting;

Dyson DC25 is a great helper in your household which is easy to use, clean and store.

Hoover Carpet Cleaner

The Hoover Company began its activity in 1908 with the production of such a household appliance as a vacuum cleaner. The popularity of this technique was so high that even a new word “hoover” appeared, which means “to vacuum”.

Hoover Carpet Cleaner is an original example in which everything necessary for a customer is collected: originality, fair price, and absolute quality.

Wet Vacuum Cleaner is “friendly” with carpeting and artificial pile carpets. It cleans the laminate, linoleum, tile, natural and artificial stone. It is able to clear old stains and completely remove the fur of pets. A simple vacuum for “dry” cleaning cannot do this.

Wet vacuum cleaners work on the following principle: you fill the first tank with clean water and detergent. Under pressure, they enter into the nozzle through the tube and are evenly distributed over the surface. The nozzle is designed in such a way that water from it not only enters but is also sucked back into the second tank designed for dirty water.

It happens that the clean water from the tank ends in the middle of a cleaning process. In this case, you just need to add more water.

Widepath Nozzle is a distinctive feature of this model. Together with 6 brushes and 12 amp motor it performs better than other models. It cleans all sides of the surface due to its SpinScrub Technology of 360° cleaning.

Additional tools are SpinScrub Powered Hand Tool, Upholstery Tool, and Removable Tool Caddy. With the help of this machine, you can quickly remove any dirt from your carpet, make it fresh, hygienic and pleasantly smelling.


  • 2 separate containers for clean and dirty water
  • Nozzle with 6 brushes;
  • SpinScrub Technology of 360° cleaning;
  • 3 additional tools;
  • Relatively cheap.


  • Short 12 ft cord;
  • Too heavy to work for a long time;
  • Only for certain surfaces – you can’t clean the windows or ceilings;
  • No hose;
  • No HEPA filter.

If you do not like to wash the laminate with a cloth and your own hands, or to wash your carpet once in a blue moon, invest in Hoover Carpet Cleaner and save your energy.


The modern vacuum cleaner market offers a wide range of different models. When choosing best vacuum cleaner for carpet, determine the set of basic parameters of functionality and performance of the device. Pay attention to the ratio of power consumption and suction power, which will suit you best regarding power and energy efficiency. Familiarize yourself with all the types of vacs and define the dominating type of the surfaces in your house. If there are pets, people with allergies or even babies – you should choose the most optimal variant considering its functions. Look meticulously for the information and be satisfied with your purchase!


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