Best Carpet Shampooer: The Secrets That You Shouldn’t Know

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If your rug covering looks wore down and pale or becomes borderline repulsive, do not rush to throw it into the trash. Modern shampooers are able to return the former appearance, cleanse it of stains, as well as freshen the color and remove an unpleasant smell. Furthermore, shampooing a carpet gives a better result than vacuuming, i.e., it provides deep cleaning and extends the life of coverings.

Before selecting a the best carpet shampooer, it is indispensable to identify an objective for which it will be bought (for ordinary everyday cleanings, for eliminating nasty scent, for removing stains, etc.), because many detergents have properties for a specific purpose. Therefore, it is crucial to note that most popular shampoos, which advertising and beautiful Internet responses represents as universal means for any stains – this is a 99% hoax. Therefore, we are going to consider the main carpet shampoo types:

  • Shampooer or liquid matter for wet cleaning. This sort of product is one of the most frequently used chemicals for rugs. It is applied for wet cleaning, removing stains, and rejuvenation the coverings appearance. Moreover, it is produced in different containers and consistencies (conventional shampoos or concentrates).
  • Powder and dry carpet shampoo. These cleaning powders are used for dry and wet cleaning (diluted in water).
  • Active foam carpet shampoo for wet cleaning and dirt removal. This group consists of certain detergents that froth smoothly (foam is an active substance for grime cleaning).
  • Sprays for removing spots and other contaminants. A popular form of solutions for stain removal and local application (applied only to the stain).
  • Exclusive cleaning shampooers for detergent hoovers. These are entirely developed solutions, which are diluted with water and used in washing vacuums.

For What Purposes Can You Use A Shampooer?

1. For everyday cleaning. Those are ordinary solutions with a minimum concentration of active chemicals. They do not significantly affect the rugs fabric and brings no harmful effect for people.

2. To get rid of undesirable odors. In many cleaning solutions, active ingredients are added to struggle scent sources.

3. To refresh the covering appearance. This is a general function of many shampoos, which helps to eliminate dust from the pile of the rug and restore its colors.

4. To disinfect a carpeting, i.e., to remove harmful insects (moths, ticks, etc.) and prevent their occurrence.


Pay attention: always carefully read the instructions of application a cleaning solution (in 95% it is written on the package of the product itself). Furthermore, look through the contraindications to detergents that manufacturer provided. After all, the entire team of professionals has produced it, and they know exactly, how to use their production correctly (unlike advisors on forums and in comments on various sites).

Best Shampoo For Coverings

Having read all the useful tips, maybe you already realize the purpose of your purchase. We have prepared five great carpet shampoos that will help you with your plans. Our list of best-rated cleaners provides you the unique products that have proven themselves in the market. Amid detergents that are represented below, you will undoubtedly find a suitable option.

High Traffic Carpet Foam

Resolve High Traffic Carpet Cleaner Foam is produced to make your cleaning process effortless. This strong carpet shampoo is effective in cleaning up both hard-to-reach and dirty places (stairs, corridors, carpets, and floors), as well as various spots of any kind.

Since this rug solution has a new improved formula, it can be used on a larger areas than its previous version – Resolve High Traffic Foam formula. Furthermore, the new solution is 3X more efficient than conventional vacuuming. It safely cleanses, refreshes and helps to avoid future contamination of the area you cleaned up.


  • Twin pack (22 oz each; 66 oz total);
  • Cleans large areas;
  • Lightly removes stains and dirt from rugs.
  • You can shampoo wool carpet, nylon, and stain-resistant coverings;
  • Can also be used on upholstery with a fabrics code “WS” or “W”.


  • Unacceptable for silk, leather, or velvet;
  • Extended drying time;
  • It is recommended to buy Easy Clean Pro Carpet Cleaning System to enhance productivity.

Resolve High Traffic Carpet Cleaner Foam is the best rug shampoo for those consumers, who want to get rid of spots entirely and without any extra effort. However, it is necessary to realize that it is suitable not for all types of surfaces.

Spot Remover

Folex Carpet Spot Remover is an indispensable detergent for pet owners. It is useful for cleaning the cats or dogs “accidents”, as consumers of this product point out. People adore this solution for it is non-toxic, non-flammable, and odorless. This formula has a powerful non-ionic surfactant action that quickly and safely emulsifies spots and stains while breaking the surface tension so that you can remove them without rinsing, vacuuming, or waiting to see the results.

Although it is a carpet cleaner shampoo, it removes tough spots and stains from colorfast upholstery and clothing that is beyond the ability of most cleaning chemicals.


  • Cleans any stains and dirt from various surfaces;
  • Does not contain hazardous chemicals that could be harmful to humans and pets – cats, dogs, etc.
  • Has a neutral odor;
  • Removes spots right after the first application;
  • Once the solution dries, there is no need to vacuum or wash the area;
  • Has almost instant effect, but may require reuse on very dirty surfaces;
  • When consumers are dissatisfied with the results, the manufacturer returns the full value of the product.


  • Since the detergent is intended for rugs and other colored coverings, it is necessary to make a clear list of surfaces on which the product can be applicated;
  • Is not acceptable on coatings that are prone to water damage;
  • In cases when you accidentally poured dyes or other substances, it can cleanse the stain, but will not return the original color of the surface.
  • Occasionally may cause an allergic skin reaction. Therefore, it is necessary to apply this solution in gloves.

Despite the fact that this product does not contain harmful ingredients, it can sometimes cause an allergic reaction on the skin. Therefore, it is not recommended to people who are prone to allergies. However, this is a professional carpet shampoo for rugs.

Formula Pro

Rug Doctor Pet Formula Pro is a unique carpet shampoo designed to remove an unpleasant scent caused by your dog, cat or other pet. This detergent does not contain harmful chemicals, dyes or pesticides. Moreover, the spent liquid is soluble in sewage, i.e., it is environmentally friendly. As it is hypoallergenic carpet shampoo, it dissolves urine crystals and eliminates allergens.

This product contains special ingredients that rejuvenate coverings fibers. Furthermore, one bottle of this solution provides the opportunity to applicate it during the following cleansing. If you use this product, it will improve your room appearance and will leave a pleasant scent.


  • One bottle lasts for several washings;
  • Contains no chemicals, dyes, and pesticides;
  • Is pet and environmentally friendly;
  • Removes odor, and does not mask it;
  • Effective at removing cat/dogs urine stains and smells.


  • Have a strong scent;
  • It is recommended to buy Rug Doctor machine for using the solution;
  • Does not cleanse extremely dark stains completely – requires to scrub afterward;

Rug Doctor Pet Formula Pro can be described as a natural carpet shampoo that brings no harm to people and environment. Nevertheless, after each application, it requires ventilating the room.

Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer

Hoover AH30330NF Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer is a powerful and effective shampoo for carpet designed to remove grime and dirt from any coating. When this rug shampoo is applicated, it leaves a pleasant, fresh odor.

Moreover, its doubly concentrated formula, which is twice as powerful, provides you an opportunity to use it for the next cleanings.


  • A bottle of 64 oz is enough to do several next cleanses;
  • Safe for use in leading full-size deep cleaning machines when used as directed;
  • Has a pleasant, clean scent while using, which disappears when the detergent is dried;
  • Perfectly removes stains and urine smell of cats, dogs, and other pets;


  • To ensure best results, it is recommended to use pre-treatment solutions before application of Hoover Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer;

Hoover AH30330NF Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer proved to be one of the top carpet shampooers. It almost has no disadvantages. That is why you can confidently buy this shampoo.

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner

Carbona 2-In-1 Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner is the shampoo for cleaning carpet with a built-in brush head that has a dual purpose – to remove dirt from rugs and upholstery furniture. It has the power to clean almost any spot – heavy soil, pet urine stains, as well as accidental spills: coffee, grease, fruit juice, red wine, etc.

Carbona 2-In-1 Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner eliminates scents and leaves treated sanitary which will discourage repeated pet accidents. Moreover, it is safe to use around dogs, cats, and other pets.


  • Has the ability to remove practically any kind of stains, spots, and dirt;
  • Almost completely can clean set-in spaghetti sauce stains and fresh red wine ones;
  • Contains an ingredient to safely lighten spots;
  • Acceptable in the application on water-safe upholstery.


  • Struggle to remove chocolate syrup stains;
  • Cap does not screw on securely, which may cause messy leaks;
  • The seal is difficult to puncture, as directed on the label, to prevent leakage.

Carbona 2-In-1 is the best carpet soap for removing almost any kind of stain. However, it is not comfortable in usage for the bottle structure.


Consequently, in this carpet shampooer review, we found out the essential information on how to choose an appropriate cleaning detergent. It is necessary to keep in mind several tips. First, you have to determine the purpose of purchase, namely why you need this product. Second, read the instruction before application of the solution. Third, choose the best carpet shampoo that is acceptable for your plans.


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