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Who doesn’t love the look of a shag carpet? While we all love the look, keeping it in pristine condition is another task altogether, which is where the best vacuum for shag carpet comes into play. If you love to admire your shag carpet you probably can’t help but notice that it’s a dirt magnet. Furthermore, many standard vacuums can damage the carpet or the vacuum itself. So if you’re in the market for a shag carpet vacuum heed the advice of our experts, we have found the best products to keep your carpet shaggy and clean.

In our reviews you’ll find the specifications of shag specific vacuums. We’ve paid particular attention to the cleaning mechanism, height adjustments, suction power, and the weight in a ready made comparison table for you to browse. With these features in mind you are sure to find the best vacuum for shag carpet to suit your needs without causing damage. So let’s dive in and get down to the details.

Buyer’s Guide

Shag carpets need ultimate and regular cleaning to keep them clean and healthy. If you buy the wrong vacuum cleaner, you might end up damaging your shag pile carpet; hence you must get the right one. After reading this section, you will have enough knowledge to decide which to buy.

What are the best vacuums for shag carpets?

The best shag carpet vacuum does not depend on the brand name, the packaging, or the attractiveness of the product. To discover the best vacuums for shag carpets, consider the list of the key features of the product below:

  • Weight: The lighter, the cleaner, the better. You can conveniently use a lightweight vacuum. A shag rug vacuum with a weight of say, 7 pounds is considered adequate.
  • Suction Power: A vacuum with adjustable suction power will work best for shag carpets. A vacuum that is not powerful but has a concentrated sealed suction will come in handy.
  • Cleaning Mechanism: The distance between the cleaning mechanism of the vacuum and the rug surface is imperative. It must not be too high; else it would not remove dirt from the rug. Conversely, if it’s too low; it might damage the rug.
  • Adjustable Height: The height of your vacuum cleaner should be ergonomic and be a comfortable height for you to use it without stress. A vacuum shag carpet cleaner with adjustable height works best.
  • Power Head: Rug fibers do snag and get tangled with themselves which can make them useless. Vacuuming a tangled rug can lead to the rubber band of the bar overheating and eventually snap. To overcome this trouble, buy a vacuum with a detachable power head.
  • Carpet Rake: a vacuum that comes with a long pile carpet rake will come in handy for more effective cleaning. Gently use the rake in a back and forth motion to work around the fibers of your shag pile carpet to keep it clean.

Product Reviews

In this section, our team of experts carefully selected and researched the best vacuum cleaner models based on the above points. This unbiased guide will aid your buying decision, do read on:

– best vacuum for shag carpet

The Bissell Cleanview does not require multiple vacuuming of the same area due to its One Pass technology.

Manufactured by the Bissell HomeCare Inc., this shag rug vacuum is equipped to clean hard-to-reach areas, bare floors, cars, etc.

Households and hotels will find the Bissell Cleanview helpful.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • OnePass Technology: It comes with OnePass technology, powerful suction and an innovative brush that cleans on the first pass by removing most surface grime.
  • Powerful Multi-cyclonic suction system: the powerful suction system captures and keeps dirt in the bin.
  • Multi-Level Filtration: It comes with a washable filter that aids in the reduction of dust and allergens
  • Lightweight Design: Carrying and operating the Bissell Cleanview can be done with ease.
  • Awesome Accessories: It has a TurboBrush tool, 25’ power cord, extension wand, dusting brush and a crevice tool for versatile and extended use.


  • Effective and fast
  • Highly efficient air filtration
  • Operates with low noise
  • It has extremely powerful suction.
  • Large and easy to empty bin.


  • Tips over when you stretch the hose too far
  • It brushroll does not turn off

The Bissell 9595A is an extremely powerful and quick for it can suck dirt and hair from almost any surface.

– good vacuum for shag carpet

The Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum comes with a soft brushroll to make removal of large, small, and dug-in debris from carpets and floors.

The Shark DuoClean comes from the SharkNinja Company.

This vacuum unit can work remarkably well on carpet, shag and hard floor cleaning and ideal for homes and allergic people.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • DuoClean Technology: This vacuum comes with two brushes for an ultimate cleaning experience.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA Filter: The sealing technology and filter in the vacuum trap about 99.9% of dust and allergens within the unit.
  • Fingertip Controls: Switching from hard floor to carpet mode is easy.
  • Powerful LED Headlights: The vacuum comes with powerful LED headlights on its nozzle to spot hidden dust particles anywhere.
  • Extended Under Appliance Wand: Cleaning tight spots or hard-to-reach areas can be done with the wand thereby offering superior cleaning.


  • Its DuoClean brush roll makes it ideal for carpets and bare floors
  • Clean floors, stairs, upholstery and so on
  • Takes care of large debris perfectly
  • It comes with an extended warranty
  • Its headlights make it easy to spot dirt where they hide away


  • It’s quite expensive
  • It comes with a smaller bin compared with its old counterpart, the NV752
  • It does not come with height adjustment.

If you need to deep clean multiple surfaces, consider buying the NV803.

– Best Vacuum for Thick Carpet

The Bissell ReadyClean executes heavy-duty vacuuming in your household. It comes with a six row of removable cross action brush that loosens and removes the most stubborn stains and dirt.

Manufactured by Bissell Homecare Inc, this vacuum for shag carpet delivers heavy-duty jobs with ease. It can clean carpets, area rugs and heavy traffic carpet areas, ideal for hotels, offices, and homes.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Compact Storage Feature: The vacuum comes with a retractable handle and a quick-release cord wrap which makes it easy to store.
  • Lightweight: It weighs less than 12 pounds which makes it easy to move from place to place.
  • Convenient Water Tanks: It has an easy to fill and empty water tank with up to ½ gallon capacity.
  • Removable Cross Action Brushes: It comes with six-rows of removable cross action brushes which makes loosening and removing stubborn stains and dirt a breeze.


  • It has a retractable handle for easier storage.
  • It comes with a removable nozzle for easy vacuuming.
  • It leaves a refreshing scent while cleaning.
  • It comes with a 1/2-gallon tank capacity
  • It’s portable and light.


  • While vacuuming, the water gurgles out of the fiber
  • It has a small waste water tank compared to the clean water tank.

This cleaner can deliver great cleaning without strain though it lacks many features.

– Cheap vacuum for shag carpet

The Eureka NEU182A vacuum is a versatile appliance that works on multiple surfaces, and comes at a pocket-friendly price.

Midea Floorcare manufactures the Eureka NEU182A.

Great for homes and hotels with various flooring and carpets.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Multi-surface Cleaning Feature: This vacuum can take care of many surfaces, e.g., hardwood, rugs, carpets, ceilings, etc.
  • Powerful Motor and Suction: The vacuum comes with enough power and suction for heavy-duty cleaning.
  • Height Adjustment: It comes with a 5-height adjustment setting for deep cleaning, area rugs, and bare floors.
  • Useful Accessories: It comes with an extra-long 7-inch crevice tool for tight corners and a dusting brush.


  • Its wide nozzle makes it cover large area in a short time
  • It comes with an adjustable height for various surfaces
  • Its lightweight is easy to use
  • It comes with a large and easy to access dust bin


  • It generates more than average noise while operating
  • The power cords seem not long enough for some customers
  • The vacuum swivels as it runs.

The NEU182A stands out among shag carpet vacuums because of its powerful suction, versatility, lightweight, and ease of use and storage.

– Best Vacuum for Long Carpet

The Mighty Mite vacuum comes off the shelve as a sleek new compact vacuum that makes floor cleaning seamless.

Made by Midea Floorcare, a Eureka company, the Mighty Mite vacuum executes cleaning jobs with ease and perfection.

This carpet cleaner deep cleans carpets, floors, stairs, and upholstery and also picks up dust and pet hair. Useful in workshops and homes.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight: This small and lightweight vacuum can be carried and maneuvers with ease.
  • Convenient Control: It comes with a power-touch handle with easy to use fingertip controls.
  • Quick and Efficient: It cleans quickly and efficiently and convenient for home and cars.
  • Blower Port: It comes with a blower port to blow debris from sheds, workshops, etc.


  • It cleans bare floor surfaces with great effectiveness
  • Usable both as a canister vacuum and a blower
  • It works perfectly with hardwood flooring and low-pile carpeting
  • Its compact and strong structure prevents physical damage.


  • Its suction cannot be adjusted.
  • It generates too much noise

The Mighty Mite means value for the money though it does not have many features but the ones it has, work perfectly as intended.

– Perfect Vacuum for shag carpet

The Bissell ProHeat essential carpet cleaner gets rid of embedded stains, dirt, allergens, odors, and so on.

Made by Bissell Bissell HomeCare Inc., the unit ues exclusive heatwave technology to confront tough stains on your rugs, carpets, and so on.

Hospitals, offices, and homes will find it handy.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Strong Spray and Powerful Suction: The vacuum comes with a strong spray and powerful suction with which it removes dirt, allergens, and odors rooted in carpets.
  • Large Capacity Tank: It comes with a 1-gallon capacity water tank that reduces the frequency of refilling and maximizes cleaning time.
  • Heatwave Technology: This unique technology provides constant heat and helps maintain water temperature during the cleaning process.
  • Rows of Rotating Power Brushes: It comes with six rows of rotating cleaning power brushes for effective cleaning.
  • Tough Stain Tool and Spraying Crevice Tool: The two tools combine perfectly for spot cleaning and upholstery.


  • Its shape and size make it an everyday vacuum for quick spot cleaning.
  • Scrubs deep into the carpet to give it that professional clean
  • It rivals professional models with its features though it has a budget-friendly cost
  • Does not mix debris with a clean water tank, it has a silicone bag for storing dirty water.
  • This small and lightweight vacuum does not clog unless it takes in too much pet hair.


  • Its brush doesn’t turn off and can brush stains into the material while trying to pull it out
  • It comes with average suction power
  • It weighs 20 pounds but when you add water the weight increase and can be a problem to push for many people

If you need to shampoo your carpet, the Proheat Essential standsout among vacuum for shag carpet at a budget-friendly price.

– Best Vacuum for thick carpet

The Electrolux EL4335B offers excellent performance on super plush carpets.

The Electrolux EL433B is a product of Electrolux AB, Sweden.

Homes, hotels, and hospitals will find it useful.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Brushroll Clean Technology: It comes with a patented self-cleaning brushroll which removes tangles from the brushroll with the flick of a button.
  • Easy-Empty Technology: It comes with a bagless dust bin which can be opened at the base.
  • Adjustable Suction Power: It has adjustable suction power for shag carpets.
  • Premium HEPA Filter: Its filter works effectively on dust, allergens, and irritants in homes.
  • Versatile Tools: It comes with a crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, and a bare floor nozzle for a variety of uses.


  • It perfectly cleans carpets and floors.
  • You can carry it around easily due to its lightweight.
  • It has a 29’ cord which has a extra reach.
  • It has powerful suction which makes it perfect for pet hair.
  • It works with reduced noise.


  • Its hose falls short and is a little stiff
  • The dust bin is a little small
  • When cleaning from hardwood floors to carpet, you must manually change the brush head

All Electrolux EL4335B units vacuum frieze carpets well.

– Best Vacuum Cleaner for shag carpet

The Eureka FloorRover can pass over any floors thanks to its easy-glide big wheel technology.

Made by Midea Floorcare the NEU562A represents quality and efficiency.

This Eureka vacuum can work on any floors, rugs, shag rugs, hardwood floors, etc. It’s a good vacuum for large houses and hotels.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Continuous Powerful Suction: It cleans effectively with a variety of technologies.
  • Easy Glide Wheels: The Eureka NEU562A comes with innovative Big Wheel technology for navigating any floor.
  • Advanced Swivel Steering: The swivel technology allows you to maneuver it easily around corners, furniture, etc.
  • Multi-Stage Cyclone System: The system ensures no loss of suction and its powerful suction continues even if the bin fills.
  • Suction Release Valve: The valve helps make the vacuum more maneuverable on all surfaces.
  • Onboard Accessories: It comes with a 2-in-1 upholstery tool, a turbo brush, and a 16-inch crevice tool.


  • It has a 30-foot power cord for long range work.
  • It has an extra-large debris bin for continuous use.
  • Comes with big easy-glide wheels for smooth movement.
  • Produces minimal noise.
  • Great suction power.


  • Its cord does not have a retractable feature
  • It does not have a height adjustment feature
  • It sometimes clogs while running

This quiet and sturdy vacuum will work perfectly for your shag carpet, rugs, and other floor types.

– Great Vacuum Cleaner for shag carpet

The Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum was designed for soft carpets to prevent them from becoming frayed or worn.
The Soniclean Soft Carpet comes from the product line of Zenith Technologies, LLC.
It thoroughly, and gently cleans synthetic and natural wool carpets and many more. Homes and places with soft rugs will find it useful.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Sonic Cleaning Technology: It has a sonic bar at the bottom of the unit which vibrates at 200 times per second that displaces buried dirt in the carpet pile.
  • Adjustable Vent System: It has a patented EZ-Push adjustable vent system that makes it easy to push and pull the vacuum across dense, soft carpets with a pile length up to 1 inch.
  • Advanced Jam Protection: It comes with an automatic jam protection feature that shuts down the vacuum if the brush roll clogs.
  • Large Front Wheels: Its large front wheels allow it to glide across any plush carpet with ease.
  • Other Impressive Features: It has a full bag indicator light for filter bag chaning, a 35-feet long power cord, and lays flat to clean under furniture.


  • Works on shag carpets efficiently due to its large wheels.
  • Comes with a 35-foot power cord which makes it the longest around.
  • It can vacuum under furniture because of its lay-flat design.
  • It can auto-adjust to carpet or hard floor.
  • It’s lightweight and comfortable to handle.


  • It is noisier than other models
  • It does not come with accessories
  • Its cord does not retract

This vacuum comes loaded with features that work to give you value for money.

– Best high pile carpet Vacuum

The Miele Complete C3 comes with great features that deliver ultimate cleaning power on all floors including soft carpets.

Miele is a product of the Miele company, Germany.

Houses with allergic residents, hotels, and offices with large rooms with medium to deep pile carpeting or soft carpeting will find it ideal.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • SoftCarpet Electrobrush: It features a SoftCarpet Electrobrush with five height adjustments that work perfectly on different carpets.
  • Parquet Twister: It features a Parquet Twister that rotates up to 180 degrees that offers remarkably quick cleaning of all smooth flooring.
  • SoftCarpet Setting: Its SoftCarpet mode delivers top results on soft carpets.
  • HEPA AirClean Filter: Its filters can remove the finest dust and allergens.
  • Three Integrated Accessories: It comes with three convenient onboard accessories – a dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice nozzle.


  • It delivers exceptional cleaning performance on all carpets.
  • It runs quietly.
  • It has an effective filtration system.
  • It performs brilliantly on smooth and hardwood flooring.


  • It has high purchase price
  • The company has limited authorized service center for their products.
  • Some customers complain the vacuum does not last long.

If you love quality and don’t care so much about high price, this Miele should become your ideal vacuum for a shag rug.

Q/A Section

Here we have few questions customers ask about shag carpets and vacuums.

Question 1: How Do You Vacuum Shag Carpet?

Answer: A shag carpet differs from a frieze carpet or any other carpet by the fiber length. Vacuuming a shag rug requires ultimate care and a special vacuum for shag carpet because not all vacuums work for shags. The following steps will teach anyone how to vacuum a shag carpet:

  1. Shake out excess dust:
    Shake off or beat out the dust with a firm rod to rid it of excess debris and allow it to dry briefly in the sun to kill bacteria and mildew.
  2. Vacuum:
    Set the vacuum height to high and turn the beater bars off to avoid the fiber of the rug from getting hooked to the vacuum which may cause damage.
  3. Spot Clean:
    Spot cleaning refers to cleaning a soiled spot of the rug. This is a terrific way of quickly remove stains without scrubbing the whole carpet.
  4. Shampoo:
    Use a shampooing vacuum to deep clean the rug. For dry shampoo rugs, use powdered shampoo instead of water-based shampoo.
  5. Get Professional Help:
    Professionals can handle your rug better than you, so use them at least a few times a year.

Question 2: How many passes should I do on my rug or carpet to get it clean?

Answer: For high-traffic areas, seven passes or more should be enough and about three or less for lighter areas. If you do not like vacuuming, you can get the Bissell 9595A CleanView Upright Bagless OnePass since it vacuums in one pass.


Now that you have more than enough information about buying the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Shag Carpet, what are you going to do? We have done half the legwork by putting this post together. If you ask us, our experts’ top pick is the bad boy Bissell 9595A CleanView, the best vacuum for shag carpet.

We recommend it because the many features that make it the best performer in the market coupled with its pocket-friendly price. Trust us; your shag carpet will look trim, so buy it now.

Additionally, you can also check out these vacuums:

  • Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away –Good vacuum for shag carpet
  • Bissell ReadyClean Full Sized – Best vacuum for thick carpet
  • Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed – Cheap vacuum for shag carpet
  • Eureka Mighty Mite Corded – Best vacuum for long carpet
  • Bissell Proheat Essential Carpet Cleaner – Perfect vacuum for shag carpet
  • Electrolux EL4335B Corded Ultra Flex – Best vacuum for thick carpet
  • Eureka Floor Rover Versatile Bagless – Best vacuum cleaner for shag carpet
  • Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Great vacuum cleaner for shag carpet
  • Miele Complete C3 for Soft Carpet – Best high pile carpet vacuum

We hope you find peace as you place your order. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences and leave your comments. Cheers!


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