The art of choosing the best vacuum for stairs and pet hair

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Stairs – the bane of vacuuming. We all know how challenging vacuuming stairs can be and that is exactly why we’ve created our guide for the best vacuum for stairs. With so many stair treads, corners, nooks and crannies, the average vacuumer glosses over the stairs even though they are one of the more high traffic areas of the home and as a result collect the most dirt.

When seeking out the best vacuum cleaner for stairs we’ve prioritized lightweight, portability, and the ability to dig grime out of corners. In our guide we’ve selected the top of the market vacuum for stairs to get through this painful task. To further ease your burden we’ve provided details on the pros and cons of each vacuum design and be sure to check out our tips for vacuuming stairs. With our advice we hope you find that vacuuming stairs is no longer an up-hill matter, especially when you have the best vacuum for stairs at your disposal. So let’s dig into the details and find a vacuum that best suits your needs.

Cleaning is mostly seen as a basic part of a daily routine or a never ending part if to be precise. And, though you may have finished with it, unfortunately, that still means that one day or another you will still be obliged to repeat the procedure again and again. Oh, and do not forget to clean the stairs! Yes, the ones with angles which are sometimes hard to reach to. Yes, with that enormous old vacuum that is as massive as an elephant and just as heavy. And you will have to take it with all over to the top while cleaning the stairs. What a headache!

best vacuum for stairs

Or, suppose, would you like to make the whole process a much more pleasant experience? For example, why not buy yourself a new vacuum? To get the best vacuum for stairs and pet hair follow these simple steps.

Without a doubt, you are determined to get yourself one of the best lightweight electric vacuum cleaners. But what should you keep in mind while choosing? Here are some of the key points:

  • Charge time. It can take some time to prepare your vacuum for work. If you are not the person who likes long waiting, consider about charging the batteries overnight. After all, it takes about 3-5 hour to have it done.
  • Runtime. The tricky part is that the vacuum itself cannot work for hours, should it contain a battery. Typically, you have only 10-20 minutes available to do this task. Although, some models offer a higher option.
  • Power. The vacuum with the most power capability is your best friend forever because the level of suctioning depends on it deeply. Moreover, when purchasing a vacuum, this is the part worth the most of your attention.

How To Vacuum Stairs

Stairs is a tricky place in every house. Stylish carpeted stairs can turn your home into beautiful palace. But how about cleaning them? Many homemakers claim cleaning stairs process is the worst activity for them.  Dirt, pet hair, dust and allergens occupied all your stairs and you have to fight them with compact hoovers! Is there the best way to clean carpeted stairs? Follow these tips and you discover one!

  • Make your way up – best way to vacuum stairs is start from the lowest step and move forward slowly to the top.
  • Pay attention to corners. The majority of dust and hair usually collects in the corners. Vacuum them thoroughly not missing a single part untouched. Use a little vacuum with an elongated brush to get into difficult-to-reach places.

Curious about what type of vacuum cleaner suits your stairs best? Keep reading.

Decide What Type Of Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs You Want

type of vacuums for stairs

It is perfectly known that stairway in each home has its exceptional design. The variety of shapes, sizes, covers, and material is marvelous. Nowadays companies suggest dozens of vacuum cleaner models and small vacuums developed for the determined patterns based on the construction of the apartment.

Don’t forget to consider the type of the surface: wooden staircases demand a machine with soft stubbles while carpeted ladder are better cleaned with the help of a low-powered brush head or an additional kit to fetch fur out of fibers.

Search for the longest mopping radius: pay attention to the length of the power lacing and the hose. You will need no less than 20 feet of scrubbing radius.

To choose the best vacuum for stairs and pet hair scan brief description of proposed models:

  • The handheld vacs are a remarkable secondary option for a full-size machine. They are maneuvered and used with ease. The weight is light. Consider Decker BDH2020FLFH, hoover platinum linx pet cordless hand vacuum bh50030or Eureka EasyClean: it copes with pet hair easily.
  • Alternatively, stick vacs are also relatively light and small. This type provides the longest mopping radius. If you are hunting for the perfect machine for the bare wooden stairs and want a considerable variety of additional kits, consider investing money in Shark Rocket Ultra-Light or Dyson V6.
  • “Lift-away” machines combine pros from both types. It is a full-size vac with a portative litter chamber. The sucking capacity is incredible, the cost is moderate, and the performance is flawless. Turn your attention to Shark Navigator.

So, let’s have a closer look of the models presented here.

Best Vacuum For Carpeted Stairs

Why not consider to invest your money in Shark Navigator? There are several reasons for this. It was already mentioned that the more extended warranty, the better. Why does it matter? Basically, it means that you do not have to bother if the vacuum gets broken. All you have to do is to contact the company and have it repaired at no expense to you. And now consider that you have the privilege to do so that last not 1 or 2, but 5 years!

Secondly, Shark Navigator will do his job flawlessly and, what is more interesting, for a reasonable price. Apart from that, the company offers free shipping! Now, this is a real opportunity to save your cash. And you can have your brand new vacuum delivered in no time, literally on the next day after you have made your order. Isn’t that convenient?

And let’s not forget about the main part of the vacuums, the suction power. Shark Navigator picks up big crumbs just wonderfully! And if that was not enough, you do not have to bother because of the types of the rug you will be cleanining. It works great on both flat and higher carpets. At the same time, it has a little ring, which allows you to lower the suction once you feel that it is getting hard to push. This makes it one of the best carpet cleaner for stairs.

Though how massive it may seem from the start, the machine does not sound as if it as trying to make you deaf. That is, without a doubt, extremely convenient on the condition that you have a pet or a small child at home.


  • 5-year
  • Inexpensive
  • Quick shipping
  • Great suction


  • Bad balance.

If you are able to overlook the price, this one will perfectly complement your household. You cannot find the vacuum which will be better for cleaning lignite surfaces.

Best Handheld Vacuum For Stairs

One of the reasons this model is considered to be the best handheld vacuum for stairs is because it is light. You do not have to be a sportsman to lift it. And even kids would not have trouble with this task.

best handheld vacuum for stairs

Apart from that, one of the most essential demands to a vacuum today is the low level of noise that it should produce. And BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FLFH copes with this issue marvelously. Forget about the days when your dog started to bark insanely only because it was afraid of the loud sounds.

Or, as if that was not enough, the poor animal could attack the vacuum to get rid of it. In the meanwhile, you have already a made a dozen useless attempts to make the animal stop. Luckily, this disturbing situation will not repeat anymore.

This one is also famous for its hair removing the attachment. Think of all the mess you can sometimes find in your car, especially after a long trip or a vacation with your friends or family. It takes an effort to obliterate it, and if you take your auto to the detail shop, you might be surprised how much money you would have to spend for such a service. Save your money for the occasion and use BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FLFH to clean the car. You would not see any difference in the quality.

And who would not appreciate its reasonable price? If your wallet could talk, it would only thank you for making this purchase.


  • Lightweight
  • Soft noise
  • Incredible hair removing the attachment
  • Reasonable price


  • Floor head is hard to attach.

BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FLFH was created with love to the clients. Though it may cause some little trouble with the floor head, you will not be disappointed by your purchase.

Best Vacuum For Stairs And Pet Hair

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is incredible when it comes to cleaning after pets. It possesses a rubber attachment, which can be removed, should you have such a desire. It allows you to clean the hair from the surfaces and does it only within 3-5 minutes. You may not even understand how much hair surrounds you in your house before you use the vacuum. It can practically erase the hair from your living room furniture and fabrics.

What is also helpful is the fact that in this model you can find a long cord. Seeking for an outlet while vacuuming can be quite boring, especially, if the cord is not long enough. Should such a thing happen, you might have to turn off the machine, find another outlet which is closer to your destination, whether it is a room or a couch situated by the opposite wall. Once you have finished this task, you can finally start cleaning. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser saves you from this trouble, which is, undoubtedly, lovely of him.

And another positive feature worth mentioning is that you can hold it easily. Due to its light weight tidying turns into a relaxing process. Instead of dancing with an enormous and endlessly heavy full-size vacuum, give a chance to this model. Consequently, you will not feel that you are fighting a losing battle with your stairs. You might be genuinely surprised how this machine works and how your staircase will become spotless before your own eyes.


  • Phenomenal for removing pet hair
  • Long cord
  • Easy to hold


  • Isn’t perfect for a wood
  • The rubber head is not big enough.

As customers report, Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Handheld 1782 is a reliable, versatile handheld vacuum for pet hair and other debris at places where it is needed. It is much better than a cat shark hoover. The versatility and price are perfectly combined in this the best hoover for pet hair.

Best Shark Stair Vacuum

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light was created not only to make your home beautiful and shiny. It also possesses a unique and outstanding design that could without any doubt catch one’s eye. There are four color options: Helix Blue, Orange, and Plum.

Plus, Shark Rocket Ultra-Light had shown great results when it was used on hard floors. And, by the way, the company offers bonus car cleaning attachments. If you have an auto, then this vacuum will be a great option to purchase. Firstly, you will save your money, and there will be no need to buy additional equipment to keep your car as neat as your home.

In some vacuums, it may be a real task to empty the dust trap without creating a new mess in the room. Luckily, that is not an issue when it comes to this particular vacuum. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light was designed very well. Therefore, the transition from low to high speed is done without any difficulties. Think about the convenience, especially when you have to go from a tiled floor to a carpet.


  • Modern design
  • Works well on a bare floor
  • Bonus car cleaning attachments
  • A well-made dirt trap
  • No problems with the transition from low to high speed


  • The cord is too long.
  • Hair might get stuck in the rotating brushes.
  • Poor suction power.

As for consumer rating, this amazing vacuum cleaner has got 4 stars out of 5. It looks like Euro Pro has again succeeded in producing a new lineup of excellent vacuums for the whole family, all types of floor and against pet hair with trivial debris.

Best Dyson Vacuum For Stairs

The Dyson V6 has proven itself to be a magnificent cleaner when it comes to this type of floor. It glides very smoothly, and you do not have to worry about the dust for a long time.

Consequently, cleaning the stairs was never so easy, and all thanks are to this machine. Forget about the dark feelings that come as you even start thinking about the perspective of vacuuming your house.

Besides, this model works quietly. The pets, especially cats, have a tendency to get frightened once they hear the “horrible” noise that comes from a vacuum. But Dyson V6 for stairs, on the contrary, does not cause this particular problem as it is very quiet in comparison to other models.

Meanwhile, the sucking power is similar to a dream come true. Animal lovers – this vacuum cleaner was made for you! Watch how it get rids of cat litter and hair within the shortest amount of time. And the machine has the capability to extend down. This can be really helpful when you know that you are about to start cleaning under your bed or sofa.


  • Suitable for wooden floors
  • Light
  • Quiet
  • Great sucking power
  • Can extend down


  • Not so good with carpets
  • The exhaust coming from the motor can blow hot air into your face

This vacuum for stairs has a number of positive features that are worth your attention, and it would be a remarkable tool for making your home a comfortable place. However, it should not be used on plush rugs.

View on Amazon


interesting choice for pet fans

This machine really has the ability to get rid of dirt or animal hair. Those, who have more than one pet, know that the amount of hair these creatures leave after themselves can sometimes be so big that it is even ridiculous. The vacuum deals with this problem effectively. It really brings the colors back to carpets.

Generally, getting under the furniture is often a challenge. But with this vacuum, you can forget about the need to move the chairs from one part of the room to another. It glides practically without any effort.

Moreover, tool in any possible situation when it comes to cleaning after pets. Take your time and try all attachments the attachments that come as a bonus. You will be pleasantly surprised.


  • Wonderful suction
  • Easy to use
  • A wide collection of attachments is included


  • You have to hold the trigger while vacuuming.
  • Long time to recharge.
  • Low level of run time.
  • No power cord.

Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum makes cleaning a much easier procedure. Nonetheless, some factors have to be taken care of during exploitation.

best Eureka stair vacuum

The Eureka EasyClean has proven to be an ideal variant when it comes to furniture. And apart from that, there is an always remaining part of dust on the carpet that our eyes are unable to catch. But do not think that this does not influence the air that we breathe with. Luckily, Eureka EasyClean corded hand-held vacuum is a fine option to solve this tricky and unpleasant problem;

You can go all the way to the top of the stairs without anything bothering you, as Eureka EasyClean has a long cord. As a result, you will not have to worry that cannot reach to a particular spot.

Additionally, it possessed a riser visor. By using it, you will forget the hard times when you could hardly do the sides and the tops of the staircase. That would not be an issue anymore.

Besides, the sucking strength of this one is the worst enemy to animal hair that was left on the floor by your beloved pets. The hose is user-friendly. Think of how often you faced the problem when you hardly understand where this or that part should be attached. And the same headache comes with detaching them. Give yourself a break and buy Eureka EasyClean.


  • Long cord
  • Riser Visor.
  • Good sucking power


  • Heavy
  • Loud.

As it is seen, this really cheap vacuum cleaner is cool in thorough cleaning of stairs and all the crevices in a home. The ideal combination of a price and power.


To find your best vacuum for stairs and pet hair , you need to understand what you are looking for. Spend a bit of your free time and do some research concerning the model you are interested in. Apart from that, you ought to keep in mind the details about the design of your house. For example, some vacuum cleaners work better on a wooden floor than carpets. Therefore, be attentive and good luck!


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