Hello! I’m Bruno Marin, and I’ve had a pretty vast experience with vacuum cleaners… and I’ll tell you why. My wife got pregnant two years ago, and I took a paternity leave to be able to spend time with my son. My wife and I have jobs that require us to move and change our place of residence several times in a year, which is why even when we were taking a “break” we still had to move. When she spent time with the baby, it was my job to help clean the house. I started watching infomercials because I wanted cleaning tools that were fast and effective since I’m a little bit lazy. I ended up buying a product that, not only was too expensive but also didn’t work at all, which is why I took this situation online to see what others were saying.

Users from all around the world were talking about vacuum cleaners, so I decided to purchase one. The one I bought was an upright device, which helped a lot with carpets and rugs, but was complicated when used to clean other surfaces and small spaces like corners, etc. When we moved, I couldn’t take it with me, because of how heavy and big it was, which is why I decided to purchase a new one for my new home. I ended up buying a handheld vacuum this time in order to reach those inaccessible areas, as well as a canister device, which does the same as an upright one but can be carried everywhere since it isn’t as heavy.

Long story short, I’ve had my experiences with all sorts of vacuum cleaners, and in this blog, my goal is to help you pick the one that will suit your needs best.

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